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Kobrin’s 3D Printed Sunglasses

We’ve been contacted by an Italian-Brazilian startup that’s producing 3D printed sunglasses. 

Co-founder Davide Nastasi says: 

 We are the first Italian start up combining refined designs and 3D printing, to create consumer products.

The sunglasses are 3D printed in ABS plastic in a variety of rather nice colors and include very cool polarized anti-scratch lenses. You’ll also receive a free 3D printed case for them, too. With free worldwide shipping it’s perhaps not a bad deal. 

But there’s something very interesting about this service. The frames are not customized, as one might expect from a new service using 3D printing as its manufacturing technique. Typically mass production is used for large quantities of identical items, but that’s not the case with Kobrin. 

Further, an unstated goal of 3D printing is to achieve the smoothest finish possible, in an attempt to achieve the same finishing standards as mass production. Again, that’s not the case here. They say: 

Characterized by the unique 3D printer's trademark: hundreds of layers.

We haven’t seen this before: 3D printing artifacts as a featured design element. 

Why not? Be proud of your 3D printed stuff!

Via Kobrin

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