The 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014

The 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014

It’s a late post today compared to our usual schedule, but there’s a good reason for the delay: We awaited the announcement of the winners of the annual 3D Printshow Global Awards. 

This is the second year 3D Printshow has produced the awards, which are rapidly becoming a very prestigious honor to receive. While last year’s affair was rather formal, this year’s was much more casual in an outdoor venue along the Thames in London. The winners:

The 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014

Artist of the year: PussyKrew, whose work we covered earlier this year

The 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014

Fashion Designer of the Year: Noa Raviv , who produces startling 3D printed dresses. 

Green Award: MCor Technologies, who we’ve written about many times. They market a color 3D printer that uses mere paper as its build material. 

The 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014

Educational Excellence: Philip Cotton, whose application of 3D printing in his educational program has had significant results.

Rising Star: Julia Koerner, who unfortunately was absent and could not accept the award in person.  

Positive Change: 3D Control Systems, who market a cloud-based service for interconnecting 3D printers. 

The 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014

Inspirational Individual: Alan Faulkner-Jones, who has developed a new type of bioprinter.  

Best Business Newcomer: M3D, who produce a low-cost 3D printer we’ve covered previously.

The 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014

Best Online / App-Based Service: Tinkercad, the friendly online 3D modeling tool used by many. 

Best Consumer Product: Ultimaker 2, the latest and greatest personal 3D printer from Ultimaker (see image at top).

Best Consumer Software: Cura, the printer management software that normally accompanies Ultimaker equipment. 

The 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014

Best Consumer Printer and Best Prosumer Printer: BeeVeryCreative, whose funky BeeTheFirst personal 3D printer has become very popular.

Best Professional Software: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe’s 3D modeling tools, their first step into 3D. 

The 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014

Best In Show: 3D Hubs, whose innovative display impressed attendees and exhibitors alike.

The 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014

Industry Icon: Enrico Dini, whose 3D printed building venture continues to inspire all in the 3D printing world of what might be possible. 

Brand of the Year: Autodesk, whose continually increasing suite of 3D modeling and 3D printing products are used by many in the 3D printing community.

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