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Builder Announces Premium 3D Printer Line

Premium - Builder 3D Printers - Red - Overview.jpg

Netherlands-based Builder 3D Printers announced a new line of “Premium” 3D printers based on their successful original edition. 

Builder is a long-time player in the desktop 3D printer market and it appears they are here to stay with the release of their Premium line, which includes three new models. Each have similar characteristics, with build volume being the major differentiator. Accordingly, the model names are precisely what you’d expect: Premium Small, Premium Medium and Premium Large. 

And they’re quite serious when they call it “large”. The Premium Large machine has a massive build volume of 210 x 210 x 600mm, meaning you will be able to print incredibly tall objects. 

The Medium and Small versions have generous build volumes as well, in spite of their names: 210 x 210 x 400mm and 210 x 210 x 200mm respectively. 

But the build volume is not the big improvement over the Builder Original Edition. The Premium models include several key features that make them just a lot better. 

All three machines sport a 4.3” (110mm) color touch panel to control the operations. The new panel is positioned at the top of the machine, making access a lot easier. The new interface leverages the machine’s WiFi connection and even includes a password feature so that only authorized people can control the printer. 

Each of the Premium machines has an enclosed print chamber, able to capture heat from the heated print surface and increase printing reliability.

An onboard 480x272 pixel camera uses the WiFi to show you in real time the current state of the print volume. You should be able to cancel a runaway print remotely, and save yourself some wasted material. 

Print speeds are not significantly faster than other typical 3D printers of this style, with up to 80mm/second possible. The print bed heats only to 60C, however, meaning the machine may not be able to print ABS very well. However, the specs indicate that PLA, PVA, Flex and PLA-composite materials are supported - but not ABS. 

But there’s one very unique feature we must tell you about: their dual color system, which we first reported quite a while ago. The concept is straightforward: a single nozzle is able to jet material from two separate feeds. The two input filaments are mixed in a heated chamber before coming out the hot end. 

This provides an ability to not only switch colors in mid print, but also to mix colors - or even materials - on the fly. Another very key advantage over dual extruder setups is that since all extrusion comes from the single nozzle, there’s no issues with nozzle alignment or leakage from the “other” nozzle during printing. 

Available in either brilliant red (as above) or white, the three Premium versions are priced at €3,750 (USD$), €3,250 (USD$) and €2,450 (USD$) for the Large, Medium and Small units respectively. They’re available for pre-order now, but are to ship towards the end of November in time for the holiday season. 

The original edition machines from Builder will continue to be made, as they are evidently quite popular among educational institutions, likely due to their durability. 

Builder 3D Printers has been producing well made and highly respected machines for some time now, so there is every reason to expect their new line to be equally well-performing. 

Via Builder 3D Printers

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