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Biz Eyes Produces Some Unusual 3D Printed Looks

A Shanghai-based project enables people to show their mood using 3D printed eyewear. 

It’s called “Biz Eyes”, and is the product of Iranian designer Nasim Sehat, who is currently based in Shanghai. 

The idea is to use a standard “base” set of eyeglasses upon which you can attach a series of very different stylistic features. It’s done with a simple twist, so one could easily set up the pair for the day - or even bring along several attachments to make changes throughout the day. Fashion conscious folks might appreciate the way you could change colors to match different outfits. 

You can even use different elements within a pair, creating even more ability to display different themes. 

We suspect it’s also possible to include prescription lenses within the base frames, enabling wearers to actually use them as functioning glasses. 

As far as we can tell, this is simply a project at this point and you are not able to purchase sets of frames or attachments. However, we think this could be an interesting approach that should be transformed into a business startup. It’s possible that Sehat is testing the interest level through a demonstration, so we may yet see this continue. 

Via Biz Eyes

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