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Man Preserves His Lost Brother With A 3D Print

Maker Christopher Hoffman did something quite amazing with his 3D printer: he was able to print a replica bust of his deceased brother. 

The story is tragic: Hoffman’s older brother James passed away unexpectedly in June of this year due to an accident. But as luck would have it, Hoffman had previously taken a detailed 3D capture of James while investigating 3D scanning with a Kinect device. 

Hoffman had the idea of complementing the memorial’s pictures and mementos of James’ life with a 3D print. Hoffman dug up the scan and prepared it for 3D printing. With an added base, the print was placed at the memorial where well-wishers were able to pick up the replica of James and be reminded of how he appeared in real life.

This story is a reminder that life is a precious and temporary thing, something that could end at any moment. 

It is so important to take the time to speak with your loved ones, as they suddenly may not be there. Take pictures of them, so you can remember them.

And now, consider 3D scanning them, too, as Hoffman did so well. 

Via YouTube

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