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Design of the Week: Pokeball Aimer

The 3D printed Pokeball Aimer in use

The 3D printed Pokeball Aimer in use

This week’s selection is the useful - to Pokemon Go players - Pokeball Aimer by MyMiniFactory contributor Jon Cleaver. 

This item is a very simple print, but it could be of great value to Pokemon Go players, who must use the app to toss Pokeballs at targets. However, if you do this slightly off center, you may miss the target. 

The Pokeball Aimer is a tool that fits over your smartphone and provides a correct guide for your finger to precisely toss the Pokeball in the right direction. 

This technique is quite similar to the idea of jigs used in manufacturing to line up components during assembly, for example. However, this is definitely not for business, this is for the Pokemon Go system. 

Cleaver explains: 

Can’t quite get that perfect throw? Frustrated when countless pokeballs randomly fly sideways? Worry no longer! This 3D printable Pokeball aimer ensures your finger never goes astray. Simply slip your iPhone into the case, give it a flick, and you’ll be catching Pokemon with ease.

For the moment, the Pokeball Aimer is only sized for iPhone 6 devices, but the designer has apparently begun work on sizing for other phones. 

This 3D model is available for free download at MyMiniFactory, one of the best sites to find truly printable 3D models. 

Via MyMiniFactory

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