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Design of the Week: Wiffle Ball Bat Holder

 The 3D printed Wiffle Ball Bat Holder

The 3D printed Wiffle Ball Bat Holder

This week’s selection is the practical Wiffle Ball Bat Holder by  Portland-based JPGrind. 

You might be wondering what a “Wiffle Ball” is. It’s a kind of mini-baseball sport in which the ball is perforated and safer for small field or even indoor use. The ball’s perforations make impossible throwing trajectories quite possible as you can see in this video:

Evidently there are Wiffle Ball tournaments in the US, where JPGrind was inspired to create this design. The Bat Holder turned out to be a very quick 3D printed solution, according to the designer in a Reddit post: 

It held up for most of the day. It was extremely last minute in that by the time I thought of it, I had less than four or five hours to design and print. So in the interest of time, I used very light infill, and skimped where I could. It worked perfectly for most of the day, but eventually 3/4 of the stake broke off. I've got some improvements in mind, but for a first attempt, I was pleased with the results. It turned some heads, got some laughs, and I got to spread the gospel of 3D printing.

This quick project exhibits some of the best properties of 3D printing: 

  • An easy to design object
  • Quickly printable
  • Solves real-life problem
  • Completed in good time
  • Demonstrates a practical use of 3D printing in a public venue

If that’s not a design of the week, I don’t know what is. 

Via Reddit

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