This Is No Time To Stay Silent

Team Fabbaloo, August 2018: (L-R) Vice President of Business Development Marney Stapley, Managing Editor Sarah Goehrke, Founder Kerry Stevenson, and former Acquisition Sales Manager Emelia Nyarku
(Emelia has since moved on to another opportunity but stands with us in delivering this message)

We have chosen to issue this statement publicly in light of the need for strong, clear stances condemning deep-seated systemic racism. As a platform for voices in the 3D printing industry, we feel a responsibility to help raise awareness and effect forward momentum.

While for many years Fabbaloo has made it a point to stick to 3D printing and opine on only those issues that directly concern the technology and the industry, this is no time to stay silent.

Since its inception in 2007, Fabbaloo has been a dedicated resource for the 3D printing industry. Starting with Kerry’s solo drive to establish this site to share the latest news and views on 3D printing technologies and evolving into a larger team, certain values and visions have remained consistent.

We value diversity in the 3D printing industry, and in all areas of technology and business.

We have long been partnered with Women in 3D Printing to share women’s stories and experiences in this industry, promoting the vision of a more diverse workforce in 3D printing. Kerry is an ally; Marney is the Wi3DP chapter ambassador for Winnipeg; I am on the Board of Directors. Our collaboration with Wi3DP highlights our active participation in working toward a stronger focus in diversity.

We stand together with every member of this industry, and those who will join the industry in the future. We believe Black Lives Matter. We stand with women, with the LGBTQ+ community, with Indigenous peoples, with all people of color, with those who have historically seen their communities impacted by xenophobia, misunderstanding, and division. We stand with those from underrepresented communities in business. We stand together with those allies looking to build more diverse board rooms and C-suites. We stand together with those organizations striving to make an impact in equity.

It is our belief and stance that equity is imperative for this industry to truly meet its full potential. We condemn racism: we condemn discrimination on the basis of race, gender identity, background, or religion. We will continue to work with this industry to promote inclusive forward action.

More ideas are better than few, and access to more — and more diverse — viewpoints always provides a better answer.

That’s one reason why we’ve tried our best to diversify our contribution to the 3D printing industry both internally and externally. We value and welcome everyone, be they Black, Indigenous, young, old, poor, or any whose voice isn’t as loud as it could be.

We believe this industry is stronger with more diversity of voices. We look forward to continuing to share the news of this industry and the reactions of this industry on matters that impact us all.

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