3D Printers as Material Generators?

I’m reading some research from last month where a new process was used to create graphene, but there are some other implications of the discovery. 


The Marvel of 3D Print Material Profiles

Today’s desktop 3D printer operators have a huge advantage over those from years before, through the magic of print profiles. 


Can You Really 3D Print ANY Material?

The notion of buying a desktop 3D printer that is sufficiently flexible to print in many materials isn’t enough. 


Has 3d-figo Figured Out How To 3D Print Any Material?

In a very tiny booth on the left side of the FormNext exhibition was a display from a one-person company that just may have figured out a monstrous breakthrough in 3D printing. 


Stratasys’ Online Store

Stratasys made a bit of a splash with their online materials store this past week. 


Beyond the New 3D Printing Materials

The era of extremely limited 3D printer material selection seems to be ending, but what might the next materials challenge become?


Waiting for Transparent Aluminum 3D Printers

Among the infinite variety of materials in our world is a very peculiar substance known as Aluminium oxynitride, or as some call it, transparent aluminum. 


Mosaic Manufacturing Finally Ships The Palette

If you’re looking for a fascinating way to coax your monocolor 3D printer into producing multiple colors, you can now obtain a Palette from Mosaic Manufacturing.


Carbon Dioxide As 3D Printing Material?

Yes, we’ve all seen carbon fiber 3D printing material, but now scientists from the University Of California have managed to use carbon dioxide to 3D print.

3d hubs

3D Hubs Adds PolyJet Capability

Community 3D printer network 3D Hubs announced another significant step into the world of commercial 3D print services by adding PolyJet materials.


World’s First 3D Printed Photosynthetic Wearable

Stratasys announced that its long-term collaborator, architect and designer Neri Oxman, has revealed the world’s first 3D printed photosynthetic wearable, “embedded with living matter.”


Could 3D Printing Use a K-Cup Strategy?

Several 3D printer manufacturers are experimenting with different business models, but is there a way to emulate the hot beverage companies? 


Researchers Create New Class Of 3D Printed Aerogels

Using a 3D printing technique called direct ink writing, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers created graphene aerogel micro lattices with an engineered architecture. 


Is 3D Printer Filament a Commodity?

While most 3D printer manufacturers would prefer you use their in-house plastic filament in their equipment, we’re wondering whether filament is nearing “commodity” stage.


Stratasys Opens New Factory

Sales of  Stratasys’ Connex equipment must be going well. So well they had to open a brand new factory to build them. 


ABS Plastic On The Way Out?

We’re beginning to notice a significant trend. When looking at new emerging personal 3D printers we are seeing fewer that offer ABS plastic as an


ColorFabb’s Focus on 3D Printing

We had a chat about filament with Sander Strijbos of ColorFabb at the recent 3D Printshow in London. While there are quite a few vendors


Inexpensive, High Quality 3D Printer Resin?

Most personal 3D printers are filament-fueled extrusion machines, but there are a number of resin-based machines, such as the Form 1, the Nautilus, the mUVe


OpenFab’s Visionary Goal: Multi-material Objects

Developed by MIT and presented at this year’s SIGGRAPH conference, OpenFab proposes a way to more easily produce incredibly complex milt-material objects.    OpenFab is


HYREL Achieves Multi-Part 3D Printing

In almost every 3D printer we’ve seen, even those with multiple heads, only one print head is actually used at a time. First you print


Are You Ready To Mold 3D Prints?

Most 3D printers produce objects in a very limited set of materials, typically only one or two. But what if there was a way to


Shapeways To Gain Even More Materials?

A posting on Shapeways blog solicits applications for a new position at the 3D print service. The position? Here’s what they say:    We are

Objet’s Flexy Materials

An interesting video from Objet shows off many of their latest materials. While many Fabbaloo readers have 3D printers capable of printing in hard plastic,


Fabbster’s Flexy Experiment

We’ve just viewed an interesting video of what appears to be a 3D print of a very flexible material, evidently performed on a Fabbster. You’ll


EnvisionTEC Unveils New Materials

EnvisionTEC, Inc. will showcase the company’s expanded range of 3D printing materials at the IMTS exhibition in Chicago. EnvisionTEC announced the launch of its new


MakerBot’s New Colors

3D printer manufacturer MakerBot has announced the availability of no less than nine new colors of plastic filament, suitable for use in not only their


How to Pick a 3D Printer Material

I’ve written two blog posts about the importance of materials to the future of 3D printing. The bottom line is that without a material that


Sculpteo Alumides!

3D print service Sculpteo announced the availability of a new 3D print material: Alumide. What is Alumide? It’s a mix of polyamide and aluminum powder


The Materials Project

We’re not sure how useful this is to most Fabbaloo readers, but it is very cool. The Materials Project is an online database of, well,


The End of 3mm Filament?

An increasing number of personal 3D printer manufacturers are switching their products from using standard 3mm plastic filament (either ABS or PLA plastic) to a


Imagined Shopping For 3D Printer Materials

Objet just announced another amazing material for their Connex and Eden 3D printers. This new material, called “High Temperature Material”, not surprisingly provides 3D prints

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