Easy 3D Printing with File2Part

Preparing 3D models for 3D printing is often problematic. They’re in the wrong orientation, wrong size, etc. While most 3D printer-specific operation software can do


Cirque Du Soleil 3D Prints?

Fabbaloo has learned that international dance company Cirque Du Soleil uses both 3D scanning and 3D printing technology.    Evidently most of Cirque Du Soleil’s


3D Print Your Escher

Everyone has seen those perplexing drawings by M.C. Escher and marveled at their paradoxical nature. Confusing images that could never be real. Until now.   


The Series 1 From Type A Machines

Type “A” personalities are known to be leaders, sometimes with an aggressive approach to life. San Francisco-based Type A Machines may take a bit of


Design of the Week: The Dragonbite Grip

This week’s chosen design is the Dragonbite grip pencil holder, which was recently chosen by i.Materialise as the winner of their Metal Accessories Challenge.   


The zSpace System

  There’s something inherently difficult trying to do 3D modeling on a 2D display. We usually have the ability to spin models around and your


Automated Mesh Articulation

When we write “Automated Mesh Articulation” you might be wondering what we’re on about. It’s an advanced technique developed by Harvard’s Moritz Baecher that inspects


One More Designer: Dizingof

After publishing Chris Waldo’s terrific “Showcase of Influential 3D Print Artists” the other week, we received a suggestion of another artist who might have been


3D Printing A Canadian Cabinet Minister

During an official visit to the AssentWorks Makerspace in Winnipeg, Canadian Federal Cabinet Minister Tony Clement had his picture taken numerous times, as typically happens


Getting a 3D Model For Printing

You have an accessible 3D printer nearby or you have an account at a 3D print service. Filled with the strong feeling that you can


3D Printing 2012 – Top Prints So Far

Editor’s note: This guest post comes from 3D printing aficionado Chris Waldo, who’s anxious to tell us his thoughts on some very cool 3D prints


GrabCAD’s Tool Challenge

GrabCAD is one of the world’s largest repositories of (mostly CAD) 3D models and one of the largest groups of designers, too (250,000+). This means


Introducing TeamPlatform

Things are advancing from the days of local storage of 3D models and traditional online 3D repositories. Consider TeamPlatform, an online service dedicated to not


Sculpteo OpenSCADs

A very interesting development appeared at the Sculpteo 3D print service: parameterized OpenSCAD.    Whoa, you say, what’s that? Let’s start at the beginning: OpenSCAD


Vortex Salt and Pepper

There are tons of 3D designs available from a variety of sources these days. Some are very simplistic utility objects, like clamps or basic shapes,


Put A Sweater On Your 3D Model

Many 3D models are produced by combining and contorting basic shapes, such as cubes, spheres and cylinders, or by distorting a mesh by pushing and


Printing Craters

Printing landscapes is something that’s been done before on 3D printers, but how about this? Print a 3D replica of an actual lunar crater.   


Print a Chocolate Brain!

They didn’t actually print a chocolate brain, rather the team from Inition took MRI scan data from their founder Andy Millins and created a 3D


3D Systems Picks Up FreshFiber

In yet another acquisition, 3D Systems has acquired FreshFiber BV, a maker of some very cool mobile phone covers – all using 3D printing techniques.


3D Infographics

Admit it, you’re in love with those beautiful infographics we so often see in newspapers, magazines and online. They convey an idea, concept or statistic


Fujitsu Invents 3D CAD Search

Fujitsu has discovered a very interesting technique that we think will be critical to the growth of 3D printing in the future: it’s a method


Google Sells SketchUp!

Big news! Google has sold off the hugely popular SketchUp 3D modeling tool to Trimble. Wait, who are Trimble, exactly? They’re a “leading provider of


Haptic A-Go-Go

Anarkik3D has opened a crowd funding initiative at IndieGoGO to raise money for enhancements to their Cloud9 haptic 3D modeling software. The project’s goal is


Tutorial: Fix Your Messed Up 3D Scan

If you ever try to do 3D scanning at home using the rudimentary tools now available, you’ll quickly realize it isn’t particularly easy. Sure, the


The Ultimate 3D Print

What is the “Ultimate 3D Print”? We’ve all seen fantastic designs made by incredible artists. Some of them are generated using complex mathematical algorithms, while


Printing a Buckliball?

We’re always fascinated by those gift cards that pop up into ingenious 3D structures when you open them up, but could something like this be


3Dify From Matherix Labs

Some weeks ago we wrote on a breakthrough in inexpensive 3D scanning by ReconstructMe, which permits true, 360-degree 3D capture of 3D models of real


The Stelliform Owl

California-based customer service rep Grant Miller is one of many folks who moonlight as a 3D artisan when not doing their day job. Miller’s particular


3D Print From Your Android Phone

Several tools have emerged that permit viewing or even development of 3D models on your iPad or iPhone – although intricate modeling on an iPhone


Playing With FreeCAD

Can’t afford a big-time 3D CAD modeling software program? You’re not alone and you’re not without solutions. There are free 3D modeling software options, including


GrabCAD Ceramic 3D Printing Contest

GrabCAD is pretty huge library of useful mechanical 3D models – evidently well over 25,000 models as of this writing. But that’s not what we


Design with ImplicitCAD

Have you heard of OpenSCAD? It’s an open source software project that can be used to produce 3D models without a visual interface. How’s that


3D Model Printed – Literally

3D models are printed on 3D printers every day, yes? This time engineers at Objet attempted to print an actual 3D model – an object


Stackable 3D Print Design

Tom Modeen is at it again, developing weird but artistic techniques for producing 3D objects with 3D printers. This time he’s interrupting the 3D print


The New Tinkercad

Tinkercad, the amazing web-based solid 3D modeling tool has recently improved its capabilities. This tool permits creation of basic 3D printable objects without an expensive


T-Splines Eaten by Autodesk

If you use Rhino3D or Solidworks for preparing your 3D models you might have heard of T-Splines. It’s a special plug-in that permits easy creation


Bodyworks Human Models

Want to 3D print a person? Need a 3D body model to put your head on? Go no further than Bodyworks – an online store


The New Teardrop

Maker Zaggo has discovered a truly useful design tip for 3D models. The new design helps overcome a deficiency in many low-cost 3D printers: no


SimCity or RealCity?

Yet another surprise source for 3D models has emerged: the game SimCity. SimCity, for those of you who have somehow never encountered it, is a


Uformia – Saving The World From Polygons

Our rant regarding STL the other day provoked some interest from the not-yet-well-known company Uformia of Norway. While we all agree that there are serious


Printing An Earthquake

If you happen to come by some digital data of any kind, watch out – it might become a 3D print! Now we see artist


The Shapesmith Alternative

A new alternative to web-based 3D modeling tools is emerging: Shapesmith. We say emerging because it’s an unfinished work. Shapesmith is an open source project


Tinkercad Gets Funding

First it was MakerBot with a USD$10M injection, and now it’s Tinkercad, that friendly online 3D modeling service that practically anyone can use. They’ve just


Modeen’s Meat and Bone Experiments

3D design dxperimenter extraordinaire Dr. Thomas Modeen continues his radical 3D printing design experiments in his “Meat and Bone” series. This technique is incredibly simple


The Tale Of Printing Your Own Part

Pete Prodoehl of RasterWeb tells an interesting tale of his experience in making a replacement part using a home 3D printer. We’ve gone through this


Keep Up The Support

Designer Dr. Thomas Modeen, whom we’ve written about recently, has come up with another unusual design: various species of bowls and bottles. The unique aspect


3D US Electoral Map or 3D Excel Chart?

We’re always fascinated when someone takes some raw data and somehow converts it into a printable object. Recently Thingiverse user TheNewHobbyist created a great model


AutoDesk’s 123D Gets Improved

The new beta 6 of Autodesk’s free 3D modelling tool includes a couple of very interesting features for 3D print operators. First, there’s the ability


Tinkercad Adds Shapeways

As we suspected, another 3D print service has added Tinkercad integration into their interface. Shapeways joins i.Materialise as an option for printing your 3D models


Evolve Your Objects with Endless Forms

The creation of objects is often the biggest challenge to those using 3D printers, and thus we’re always interested in new ways to obtain or


3D Printing Video Controversy

A 3D printing video from National Geographic went viral on the interwebs last week and quickly generated some controversy among 3D printing enthusiasts.    In


What’s Next for RapCAD?

Some months ago we wrote about a new 3D modeling software venture, RapCAD. We hadn’t heard too much about it recently, so we thought we’d


Sneakey Captures Your Keys!

We’re always interested in ways to develop 3D models for printing, and this method is quite startling: Teleduplicating physical keys via optical decoding!    Yes,


3D Printing From Minecraft

Minecraft must be one of the most popular online games these days. partly because it’s simple interface allows almost anyone to create semi-complex 3D environments.


Inexpensive 3D Modeling with AC3D

We bumped into the AC3D 3D modeling tool and we like the price: only USD$89. But what do you get with AC3D? This multiplatform tool


Parametric Clothing

A short while ago we wrote about Shapeways’ 3D printed Bikini, and we speculated on the complexity of software required to develop appropriately fitting 3D


A Keygen for House Keys?

There’s been quite a bit of interest in using the OpenSCAD 3D Modeling tool for a variety of designs, but this one caught our eye.


Autodesk 123D

Autodesk has released a free-for-use true 3D solid modeling software called 123D. The massive 521Mb download is not the only thing you get; there’s also


Photofly Makes 3D Models Easy

There are several ways to produce 3D models of real-life objects and Autodesk has provided another one: Photofly. This is a service and software combination,


Web-Based 3D Modeling

A couple of months ago we wrote about a new web-based 3D modeling tool, 3DTin. Now there’s another web-based tool: TinkerCAD.    The two tools


Sketch to 3D Makes Modeling Easy

It’s always been a challenge to get the right models for printing. You may get lucky and find what you want in a freebie repository;


3D Modeling in Your Web Browser

Benjamin Nortier of London is our hero. Why? He’s taken on a huge challenge: create a 3D modelling program that everyone can use. He’s performed


See It Before You Download It

Content is king once you have a 3D printer. You need things to print, after all! But one of the main repositories for free printable


Molding a 3D Printer

The RepRap project attempts to design a printer that is capable of printing all the parts required to build another copy of itself. While they


LiveCAD’s iPad 3D Modeler

We’re checking out new software from LiveCAD: Home Design 3D iPad. This sweet package lets you design an apartment or house floor by merely dragging,


3DTin’s Buzz

We heard the huge chatter across the 3D world recently about 3DTin, an impressive web-based 3D modelling tool. What? 3D modelling in a browser? Yes.


Share That Model With OurBricks

You’ve cooked up an amazing 3D model and you’d like to show it off. . . to your mum who doesn’t have a 3D modelling


3D Print a Kindle!

Not exactly, but it’s surprisingly close to printing a Kindle. Maker Stergios Stergiou has designed a combination case and magnifier that blows up an iPhone


Replicating The Volcano

Students at Clevedon School in North Somerset made a volcano. A tiny one – based on NASA 3D data they downloaded and converted into a

3D Modelling Contract Work

You’re an experienced 3D modeller and have some time on your hands? Why not try doing some contract work for extra cash? One way to


Hands on With Cheetah3D

Many 3D modeling tools exist for Windows, but what about OS/X? We’ve been testing a very useful 3D modeling tool for OS/X: Cheetah3D. This software


3Data Expert

Finnish software company DeskArtes has released version 9.1 of their 3Data Expert product, which is a professional tool for “repair, conversion and manipulation of 3D


Idea: What Can I Model For You?

We re-read last week’s post on the new “What Can I Make For You?” service and had an idea. If you recall, the WCIMFY service


Things Growing Out Of Your Head

Inspired by our previous post detailing MeshMixer, a fabulous 3D modelling tool that easily allows arbitrary 3D models to be pasted together, tipster Ken has


Reality Mixed Up By MeshMixer

Once in a while we bump into a truly amazing product and today its MeshMixer. This software permits easy manipulation of 3D mesh objects –


RapCAD Announced

If you are into personal 3D printing, one of the first things you’ll observe is the disconnected nature of the required software. You might design



There are several free 3D modeling tools available, including Blender and the ubiquitous Google Sketchup, but each has the advantages and drawbacks. Some are designed



Have you ever used form.Z for preparing 3D models? As shown in this video, it’s fully capable of doing so. form.z is known for its


NetFabb in the Clouds

Having trouble submitting your 3D model file to one of the popular print services? The model isn’t watertight? Not sure how to fix it? Don’t


K-3D Is Free

Baffled by Blender? Why not try an alternative, open source 3D modelling tool: K-3D. Version 0.8 is available for download for Windows, Mac, and a


Amazingly Detailed 3D Prints

David Munson is a professional 3D technologist who provides a wide variety of 3D-based rendering services, such as studies of solar illumination on proposed buildings,


The Freedom to Print

John of hackable:news complains that whenever they show off their 3D printer, viewers inevitably ask: “Could you print me this, could you print me that”.


Print a Viewfinder for your Canon DSLR

That’s just what Marc Schreibman did after taking a course in fabrication. After a “5-6 hour print”, he had a new LCD viewfinder in his


Cloud9 V2 Leads to Chameleon Bliss

A flurry of press releases rained down upon us this week to announce the availability a new version of Anarkik Angels’ amazing software modelling tool



Tomas Pettersson has created a pretty amazing sculpting tool in his spare time: Sculptris. The Windows-based software provides a very intuitive way to model freeform



Model makers and consumers might head over to TurboSquid to find and market 3D models. Fabbaloo readers are both makers and consumers, so we felt


The Doctor is In at Shapeways

That’s him in the image, Doctor Shapeways! Well, not exactly. Always an innovator, Shapeways has released another terrific feature for those submitting 3D models to


Human Brain!

  Admit it: you did something wrong sometime in your life and someone told you: “Get a brain!” Well, now you can! A recent .STL

3ds Max

Make No Mistakes

One of the wonderful aspects of online services is the communities that form around them. These communities can not only share ideas, but sometimes they


Coraline’s 3D Roots

  We thought the new animated motion picture Coraline was made entirely via computer graphics, but apparently not. Instead stop-motion/replacement animation was used. Scarlet Star


Wear Your 8Hertz By Speaking to 1234Lab

Yes, we wrote the headline specifically to baffle readers. It’s all about a rather amazing new process developed by 1234Lab, a very interesting operation that

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