We’re Attending RAPID+TCT: Are You?

By on May 13th, 2022 in Event, news

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This coming week we’ll be on the road attending the annual RAPID+TCT show in Detroit.

This event is one of the two premiere 3D printing in-person events that take place each year for the industry. While Formnext in Germany is larger, RAPID+TCT will host more than 400 exhibitors and thousands of attendees, including our team.

These events are ideal to quickly see literally hundreds of different machines, materials and processes, as well as network with individuals from all over the world to talk technology.

This will be our first in-person event since 2019, as pandemic complications prevented us from attending the few other events that relaunched this year. During the pandemic there were a few virtual events, but they just don’t offer the same benefits as an in-person event, so we’re really happy to get back out on the road.

As always, our approach will be to attempt to visit all exhibitors, and we will fail. That’s because in recent years the number of exhibitors has increased substantially. If you were to calculate the “perfect” visit to RAPID+TCT, you’d find you have less than four minutes per exhibitor. It’s going to be tough, but we will do our best to find out the latest in 3D printing and will report back to readers in the following days and weeks.

If you’re attending RAPID+TCT, we’d be happy to meet with you (although only briefly, as above). Feel free to reach out to us ahead of the event, or even during the event if you want to intercept our team for a chat. You can reach us here.

See you in Detroit!


By Kerry Stevenson

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