Extreme Redesign Contest Winners for 2011

The winners in Dimension’s Extreme Redesign contest for this year have been announced! As is the case every year, the contest has three major categories: College, Art & Architecture, Middle/High School. Buildings & Bridges and Puzzles & Games.    You can check out all the winners at the link below, but a couple of items… Continue reading Extreme Redesign Contest Winners for 2011

A Visit to the ITC

You’re looking at a picture of Stephen McKendry-Smith of Manitoba’s Industrial Technology Centre. This organization is a government-funded operation dedicated to economic development, particularly in the use of new technologies such as 3D printing.    The ITC now has a Dimension SST1200es onsite that they use to demonstrate 3D printing concepts and technology to interested… Continue reading A Visit to the ITC

Extreme Redesign Challenge Winners 2011

The winners of this year’s Extreme Redesign Challenge have been announced by Dimension Printing. The annual contest permits students from several levels to enter their designs in five categories: College Engineering; Art and Architecture; Middle School/High School Engineering; Puzzle and Game Design; Building or Bridge Redesign.    This year’s winners include:    College Engineering: Jeremy… Continue reading Extreme Redesign Challenge Winners 2011

Enter The Extreme Redesign Contest Now

Every year Dimension Printing sponsors a design contest for students, in which entrants try to redesign something they use every day in a unique way. Winning entries will be awarded scholarships and of course have their designs actually printed on Dimension 3D printing equipment.    Who can enter? There are three categories:   Middle /… Continue reading Enter The Extreme Redesign Contest Now

Racing Prototypes

MCD Racing produces radio-controlled racing cars, 1/5 the size of real vehicles. These are not toys – they are highly sophisticated machines capable of winning world championships. These cars are capable of world record speeds of an unbelievable 260Kph (161mph)! Obviously they must be very carefully designed, perhaps with 1/5 the effort that goes into… Continue reading Racing Prototypes

3D Printed Bridge Holds 146X Its Own Weight

Students at the Rochester Institute of Technology Statics Lab were challenged to build a truss out of any non-metallic material, with the winning design being the one holding up the most weight.   While other students opted for traditional materials such as bamboo or wood, student Kyle Manchester remembered there was a Dimension 3D printer… Continue reading 3D Printed Bridge Holds 146X Its Own Weight

Dimension’s STARBASE

3D printer manufacturer Dimension is contributing back to the community by working with STARBASE Minnesota on a way to deeply involve students in the process of 3D manufacturing. The students, from Minneapolis area public schools, are shown problems, data and techniques and they work out solutions.    One of their projects has been to design… Continue reading Dimension’s STARBASE

Which Desktop 3D Printer Do I Buy? Part Two

Editor: This is a guest post courtesy of well-known 3D Printing blogger Joris Peels. Most recently Joris was the Community Manager for Shapeways, but these days he’s blogging at VoxelFab. This is part two of a two-part post. You may read part one here.      The Dimension uPrint Plus (a.k.a. HP Designjet)   Don’t get… Continue reading Which Desktop 3D Printer Do I Buy? Part Two

Finalists Announced in 3D Printing Contest

The annual Dimension 3D Extreme Redesign Contest has announced nine finalists in three categories.   High School Category Finalists: Robby Ridzy, Medina County Career Center, Brunswick, Ohio: Gutter Guide Maxwell Krist, Eckstein Middle School, Seattle, Wash.: Electricity Usage Meter Korrina Reed, Milford H.S., Milford, Ohio: Fragrance Bracelet    University Category Finalists: Donald Nicholson, Columbus State… Continue reading Finalists Announced in 3D Printing Contest

Extreme Redesign 2009

Dimension Printing has announced their annual “Extreme Redesign” competition for 2009-10. The annual event highlights innovative designs created by students. As usual, there are several categories of entries: High School College Engineering Art & Architecture This year Dimension have added a new feature: a US$250 Green Bonus, awarded to a student “whose design best displays… Continue reading Extreme Redesign 2009

Extreme Redesign Winners Announced!

  Dimension Printing’s annual contest for imaginative designers has concluded for 2008-9 with the winners being announced. They are: University category: Chris Triska & Alexander Soloviev of Toronto for their imaginative light switch cover High School: Jordan Berger of New York for her fun Alphabet Blocks (we liked that one a lot) Art and Architecture:… Continue reading Extreme Redesign Winners Announced!

Extreme Redesign Finalists Announced

  Dimension Printing holds an annual contest to find amazing 3D designs by students. Winners receive scholarships in various amounts. Entrants were in three categories, as usual: High School, University and Art & Architecture. We’ve taken a quick look at the finalists, and all projects are quite interesting. However, those that caught our eye included:… Continue reading Extreme Redesign Finalists Announced

Dimension Prices Decreasing

  If you happen to be shopping for a serious 3D printer, you might want to take another look at Dimension’s line of printers. Why? Because they’ve recently dropped pricing on their 1200es line. From their press release: The Dimension brand of 3D printers by Stratasys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSYS), today announced that it has reduced… Continue reading Dimension Prices Decreasing

Finalists in the Ultimate 3D Printing Challenge

Dimension is a well-known name in the 3D industry, and one reason why this might be is that they hold an annual 3D Printing Challenge. This year’s Challenge involves three categories:   a high school level engineering challenge a college-level engineering challenge an art & architectural challenge open to students of all grade levels Dimension… Continue reading Finalists in the Ultimate 3D Printing Challenge

Xeni Jardin Tours TechShop

BoingBoingTV’s incomparable Xeni Jardin took an extensive tour of TechShop, interviewing founder Jim Newton and several on site users of TechShop. TechShop is a chain of open access workshops containing various high-tech (read: expensive) manufacturing equipment that anyone can use. Hobbyists and small businesses bring ideas to TechShop and bring them to life. The concept… Continue reading Xeni Jardin Tours TechShop

3D Printer Found in Department Store!

Yes, this is real! A Make Magazine reader posted pictures and description of this Dimension printer found at Toronto’s Umbra Concept Store. Evidently visitors can drop by to see the printer creating objects for Umbra’s designers – who are occasionally present to answer questions. I’m not sure how successful this concept would be for drop-in… Continue reading 3D Printer Found in Department Store!