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If you happen to be shopping for a serious 3D printer, you might want to take another look at Dimension’s line of printers. Why? Because they’ve recently dropped pricing on their 1200es line. From their press release:

The Dimension brand of 3D printers by Stratasys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSYS), today announced that it has reduced the base price of its Elite and 1200es 3D printers. The Elite, previously priced at $32,900 is now available for $29,900. The SST 1200es (with Soluble Support Technology) is now priced at $32,900, down from $34,900, and the BST 1200es (with Breakaway Support Technology) is now just $18,900, reduced from $26,900.

According to our sophisticated calculations, that’s a 9% decrease on the Elite, a 6% decrease on the SST and a whopping 30% decrease on the BST. (Just so you know, the SST includes soluble support removal, while the BST includes break-away support removal.)

Still too expensive for hobbyists, but definitely moving in the right direction.

Via Dimension Printing and Design Engineering Online

By Kerry Stevenson

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  1. I have a dimension 1200 sst – piece of junk, ran well for 18months and now cannot build a model without breaking down – service is terrible the authorized service agents cannot fix machine – its just a guessiing and unfortunately at my expense

  2. Dimension could Give their printers away and they would still be beyond the reach of hobbyists.

    Their build-material cartridges are expensive And have security chips embedded in them so that the printers won’t work if you refill the cartridges.

    In the short term, this will guarantee a steady income stream.

    But I doubt that keeping their build-material expensive and proprietary is a viable long-term business strategy.


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