3D Printing Arrives in Argentina with Kikai Labs

3D printing is now inexpensive and this means its use can become widespread very rapidly. Argentina-based Kikai Labs hopes to carry 3D printing forward in South America, with their own locally produced 3D printer design.    While their virtual store currently operates in Argentina, they apparently will open up sales in neighboring Uruguay soon.   … Continue reading 3D Printing Arrives in Argentina with Kikai Labs

Nokia’s 3D Printing Adventure

Nokia has long used 3D printing internally to design cases and shapes for their handsets, but now they’re permitting customers to do the same.    Nokia has released the 3D model files required for designing your very own back cover for their new Lumina 820 handset. The model includes the structures required to match the… Continue reading Nokia’s 3D Printing Adventure

The 20,000 Meet the 6,000

This is quite interesting – a partnership between Ponoko, producers of a terrific personal manufacturing and sales platform, and ShopBot, makers of inexpensive CNC Routers. What they’ve done is create a new gathering place for both designers and fabricators: 100KGarages.com. The idea is that designers (or shoppers) on Ponoko who find a great design now… Continue reading The 20,000 Meet the 6,000