3D Printing Press Release Roundup

This week’s 3D printing press releases from the majors included a number of new products from 3D Systems. 3D Systems announced new flexible materials for their ProJet 5500X, including black and translucent.  3D Systems announced five new materials for their ProJet 1200 3D printer, targeted at Jewelry, Dental, Engineering and Artistic applications 3D Systems announced… Continue reading 3D Printing Press Release Roundup

Big Things Brewing at Ponoko

  Ponoko slipped out a very interesting admission last week regarding a new capability they’ve been working on for two years. It’s the ability to plug your own fabrication device into their network! Apparently in Q4 of 2009, they’ll release the new function, while they are searching for beta testers today. According to their blog… Continue reading Big Things Brewing at Ponoko

Stratasys Defies Economic Swing

Stratasys, makers of the Dimension line of 3D printers, recently released their 3rd Quarter 2008 financial results. Surprisingly the company produced “record third quarter revenue”, some 16% higher than the previous year. Their income also increased 15% year over year. Now, we don’t know how you feel, but it seems to us that there is… Continue reading Stratasys Defies Economic Swing

Paper Launched!

Remember mcor technologies? They are the folks building a 3D printer that uses plain old ordinary paper as its media. In fact, the printer is beyond development – they launched it two weeks ago at the TCT Exhibition in Coventry, UK. According to their press release: The Mcor Matrix is the only 3D printer in… Continue reading Paper Launched!

Z Corp Engages Bentley

Z Corp announced a special arrangement with Bentley, makers of various products related to building, construction and architecture. Bentley’s software is used by a majority of such firms, and the deal is to ensure smooth use of Z Corp’s 3D printers from Bentley’s software. We have two observations on this development: Z Corp is making… Continue reading Z Corp Engages Bentley

It’s Christmas Already at Stratasys!

Fabbaloo received several notices of a press release from Stratasys in which they announced they have: given over $400,000 to schools across the nation to underwrite the purchase of 3D printing systems for the 2008-09 school year. More than 40 schools received the $10,000 grants Stratasys’s program emphasizes providing 3D equipment to schools and students… Continue reading It’s Christmas Already at Stratasys!

ZCorp Expands

One of the most popular makers of 3D Printers, ZCorp is expanding. They’ve announced two developments: A new Vice President of Global Sales A new Director of Business Development In addition, their press release reveals they have added 22 more staff since January, and now comprise 161 staff in total. Analysis: 3D Printing continues to… Continue reading ZCorp Expands

Dimension Releases the 1200es Series

Dimension 3D Printing Group (a unit of Stratasys) has made available two new 3D Printers:   1200es BST ($26,000) 1200es SST ($34,900) The two key highlights of the 1200es series:     A relatively large 10x10x12 inch build chamber (254 x 254 x 305 mm). (For comparison, the DesktopFactory 125ci has a 5x5x5 build chamber)… Continue reading Dimension Releases the 1200es Series

NASA Seeks 3D Printing

NASA’s Langley Research Center has posted an invitation for solicitations for a “high resolution 3D printer”. At first we thought this device might be headed to outer space, ready to rapidly produce any missing spacecraft parts during deep space missions. However, we then saw the specs: 110 VAC power requirement. Of course, we all know… Continue reading NASA Seeks 3D Printing

Multi-Material 3D Printer Hits North America

Object’s amazing multi-material Connex500 printer has been shown in North America for the first time at the Solidworks conference. Incredibly, this breakthrough device actually can deposit two different materials during a single print run. Imagine a printed object with both hard and soft portions. We’ve covered this amazing device before and again. We hope to… Continue reading Multi-Material 3D Printer Hits North America

RedEye RPM Goes Down Under

We’ve posted on RedEye RPM before; they are the service bureau arm of Stratasys, who manufacture various types of 3D print gear. This announcement ensures strong access to 3D print services for those in Australia and surrounding regions. Details about the service can be found here. Via BusinessWire.com

3D Systems Announces Printer

3D Systems has announced they will be producing the ProJet HD3000 3-D Production System. This item is a “high-end professional” system that is capable of “fine feature detail” and “superior surface quality”. The device also includes factory-like features such as a very large build chamber, parts stacking and automated operation. Evidently this machine is very… Continue reading 3D Systems Announces Printer

Stratasys Focuses

Stratasys, makers of the interesting FDM 900MC digital manufacturing system, have dropped marketing of the Arcam line of devices. They had been marketing the European-based Arcam products, which apparently specialize in printing 3D metal objects. What does this mean? We think that the strongly increasing demand for non-metallic printing (which appears to be more mature… Continue reading Stratasys Focuses

Stratasys FDM 900mc

Stratasys is showing off their new FDM 900mc Additive Fabrication System at the Frankfurt EuroMold trade show. While WAY out of the financial range of hobbyists, this device uses different movement technology to ensure finer control over additive mechanisms, resulting in greater printed resolution. The big feature is a truly massive 3x2x3 foot build chamber,… Continue reading Stratasys FDM 900mc

Composite Materials used in 3D Printer

Objet announced their “Polyjet Matrix technology”, which apparently enables the use of multiple materials simultaneously in a 3D printer. This is a major step, since it will permit the printing of many different kinds of objects – especially those with parts that have different physical characteristics. Most 3D printers are “additive”, meaning they simply deposit… Continue reading Composite Materials used in 3D Printer

DesktopFactory Wins Award

They won the award even before the product is released! Yes, DesktopFactory’s famous-but-not-yet seen inexpensive 3D printer has won Popular Science’s Best of What’s New Award for 2007 in the “Home Tech” category. Fabbaloo has covered the Desktop Factory 125ci 3D printer before, again, and will no doubt again when it finally hits the store… Continue reading DesktopFactory Wins Award

Stratasys Reports Record Third Quarter Results

Stratasys, the makers of the popular Dimension series of 3D printers, seems to be doing very well indeed. They shipped some 521 units in the 3rd quarter, improved over 383 for the previous quarter in 2006. From the release:   We expect to maintain positive momentum in our high-end system business, with another new product… Continue reading Stratasys Reports Record Third Quarter Results