MakerBot’s Ready Apps

MakerBot has formalized their “customizer” capability in Thingiverse in a collection of “ready to go” applications that can quickly generate specific 3D models. 

Finally! Verified For 3D Printing

MakerBot’s 3D model service, Thingiverse, has announced a very important new feature: Verified Prints. It’s a certification program that attempts to indicate which 3D models on Thingiverse actually have a chance of being successfully 3D printed.    We’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time, as one of the major complaints with… Continue reading Finally! Verified For 3D Printing

How Many Things at Thingiverse? Lots!

3D printing is taking off, if one believes the signals seen this year. Another milestone was reached last week by popular repository Thingiverse, who declared they now have over 100,000 3D models available.    Thingiverse also released several interesting statistics. Apparently the number of models rose by 20,000 in just the past month. At this… Continue reading How Many Things at Thingiverse? Lots!


Oh dear. This was bound to happen. There’s now a parody of 3D model repository Thingiverse called, “Dongiverse”. As you might expect, it appears to hold actual 3D models related to its eponymous title.    The site seems to be a layer on top of Thingiverse, as it simply links visitors to selected items in… Continue reading Dongiverse

Testing the Customizer

The magic of 3D printing is that you can make something totally unique that has never existed before; something that’s just right for you.    But how do you get the models to do this?    One way is to make use of Thingiverse’s new Customizer feature. It’s an add-on to certain models that permits… Continue reading Testing the Customizer

Thingiverse Breaks Out In Apps!

It started as a simple free repository for patterns for personal making and then exploded into an overwhelming cacophony of 3D models. Thingiverse provides free content for 3D printing not only on MakerBot’s own line of 3D printers, but for any printer.     That changes significantly as MakerBot CEO announced Thingiverse now includes programming… Continue reading Thingiverse Breaks Out In Apps!