Interview With An Organ Printer

We’ve written about Dr. Gabor Forgacs of the University of Missouri before because his work in developing techniques for 3D printing human organs is making great progress. His company, Organovo, has developed a bioprinter, which could be the only such device available for purchase today. Recently he was interviewed by PopTech.   You can read… Continue reading Interview With An Organ Printer

3D Printing Assists Cardiac Procedure

As usual, inventive minds are developing innovative uses for 3D printing. This time European medical technicians developed an “anatomically correct 3D rapid prototyping model” of a patient’s heart in an STL file. They then used a 3D printer (Zcorp 510) to punch out the model. Why do this? Because they were then able to easily… Continue reading 3D Printing Assists Cardiac Procedure

Printing Tissue by Ink-Jet

It’s not exactly Fabbing as we know it, but the World Intellectual Property Organization now includes an entry on printing live tissue. Yes, I mean punching out “mammalian cells” via an ink-jet process. Evidently the cells are deposited in layers, much like 3D printing, onto an existing substrate. In some cases the substrate is itself… Continue reading Printing Tissue by Ink-Jet