MIT Team 3D Prints Functioning Robot in a Single Step

Though the field of robotics is evolving at a rapid pace, there is a good deal of progress to be made on almost every front. 

Those Aren’t 3D Printers! They’re Material Vending Machines!

You’d think you’re buying a 3D printer to produce objects, be they prototypes or otherwise. But there’s another way to look at the machine: as a vending machine. 

Beyond Thingiverse, My Ten Favorite 3D Model Repositories

Everyone knows Thingiverse, it’s the largest printable 3D model repository around. But what are some other ones to consider? 

UNIZ’s Kickstarter Explodes, But Is It Enough?

UNIZ’s first product launch, the SLASH resin-based 3D printer concludes today, and they blew the doors off their goals. But is there more to the story? 

BoxBotix is an Open Source, 3D Printable Robotics System

There was a time when 3D printing and building robots seemed out of reach of regular civilians, reserved for experts in the technology field. 

Gizmo 3D Printers: First Doomed, Then Rescued

I’ve been following the progress of Australia-based Gizmo 3D Printers, who recently survived a near-fatal corporate heart attack. 

Be Proud: How To Easily 3D Print Your Country's Flag

There’s a rather simple method for 3D printing any country’s flag that can be done in mere minutes. 

WI3DP: Eva Wolf - “Feminine Intuitiveness And Creativity Is A Definite Advantage For Any Tech Company”

Eva Wolf is the co-founder of California-based AirWolf 3D, a 3D printing equipment manufacturer. 

Would You Trust A 3D Print With Your Life?

As 3D printed goods make their way into everyday life, one has to consider the question, “Would You Trust A 3D Print With Your Life?”

MakerBot’s Factory Shift Is Essential And Not Surprising

MakerBot CEO Jonathan Jaglom announced a major shift in the company’s manufacturing strategy: outsourcing.

Here’s A Twist On “Specialty 3D Printer Filaments”

The market is getting very crowded for 3D print filament marketers and one way to get noticed is to specialize. 

A Better Way To Cast 3D Prints

Casting is a way some 3D print operators transform their fragile plastic prints into more durable materials, like metal. But what is the best 3D print material to do this? 

Additive Industries’ MetalFAB1 Hits Airbus, And It’s Huge

Netherlands-based Additive Industries has delivered its very first MetalFAB1 to none other than Airbus. The results are huge in more ways than one. 

Carbon’s Huge M1 Pricing May Not Be Totally Crazy After All

Some analysis shows that Carbon’s recent pricing announcement for their M1 “CLIP”-based 3D printer might not be as stratospheric as you might think. 

Onshape’s Generous - And Completely Free - 3D CAD Service For Education

While you might be aware of Onshape’s limited free plan for online 3D CAD, you might not be aware they offer an unrestricted version for education. 

A Peek Into The Minds Of Strange 3D Print Enthusiasts

Sure, you’re a normal person doing normal things, but apparently some of our readers might not be up to normal things.

Design of the Week: Anna Flower Light

This week’s selection is the delicate Anna Flower Light by gCreate LLC. 

NASA's Aerosol Jet 3D Printing Experiment's Will Change Your Factory

It seems that NASA has been experimenting with Aerosol Jet 3D printing and their work could leak into other applications. 

ElectroBoom's Shocking Probe Into 3D Printing Is More Than Painful

Mehdi Sadaghdar’s 3D printing tutorial is right on the mark, but also quite painful.

The Two Dirty Secrets Of Resin 3D Printing

Of the many forms of 3D printing processes, resin is one that is seen as advanced - but sometimes there’s a secret issue looming.