Breaking Size & Throughput Barriers with 3D Platform’s Jon Schroeder

We had the chance to ask some pointed questions of 3D Platform’s President, Jonathan Schroeder. 

Electrostatic Discharge Explained

A manufacturer of electrostatic discharge protection products contacted us and it seems that “ESD” is something all 3D printer operations should know about. 

PatternSpace: More Than Just a 3D Repository

There are countless small services offering access to 3D models these days, but a look at PatternSpace revealed a bit more than expected.

James Dyson Opens His Own Engineering School to Curb UK Skills Shortage

Despite drastic efforts to increase STEM education across the country, as well as a renewed interest in industrial design thanks to a new crop of product design startups in London, the number of skilled UK engineers is actually on the decline.

3D Systems Continues to Improve Their “SLABot”

We first encountered the “SLABot” in January where we were shown a rough prototype of a new style of 3D printing automation by 3D Systems.

Nanoscribe Has The Most Unusual 3D Printing Process

If you’re a student of 3D printing processes, pay attention: Nanoscribe has perhaps the most unusual process of them all.

Airwolf 3D’s New Polypropylene Solution

Airwolf 3D has announced a new adhesion solution for 3D printing polypropylene. 

Dilek Sezen – “Don’t be afraid of change no matter how impossible it seems.”

The Woman in 3D Printing figure I am delighted to present in the blog today is Dilek Sezen.

MakeShaper Addresses The Replicator+

A filament producer now offers filament specifically for the new MakerBot equipment.

The Little Designer Book Hopes To Inspire Little Designers

Nestor Llanos is a 3D designer who has done a great deal pushing the envelope of 3D printing forward, but now he’s helping start others on the same path.

3D Printing Patents Can Be Amusing and Confusing

A reader pointed out an unusual patent claimed by one of companies on which we recently wrote a story.

Ricoh Working on Metal 3D Printing Technology - And Ceramics

While Ricoh has been selling their SLS-based 3D printer for over a year, they’re now beginning to move into a very different 3D printing technology.

Ricoh’s Powerful SLS 3D Printing System

To most people, the name “Ricoh” means photocopiers or cameras. Now, the company is hoping that same name will also mean “3D printing”. 

More About MAKEiT, a 3D Printer Startup

We had the opportunity to discuss business with MAKEiT’s Shelley Sun. 

Design of the Week: Monument for the 308

This week’s selection is the astonishingly huge “Monument for the 308” sculpture by Andreas Greiner.

An Excellent 3D Printed Visualization

Stratasys has produced a very interesting visualization using their color 3D printing processes. 

Vendors Meeting the Need for New Plastic Filaments

In the past few weeks I’ve repeatedly seen desktop 3D printers of many brands attempting to print with unusual materials. Now it’s up to the filament vendors to meet that need. 

Roboze’s Super-High Temperature 3D printer

Roboze is a small Italian company producing a very unique desktop 3D printer. You might say it’s very hot!

GE Crosses the 3D Metal Printing Finish Line, But It’s Only The Start

GE announced it had this week met its minimum requirement to go ahead with the acquisition of Arcam, beginning a new phase in metal printing.

GrabCAD Print Makes Public Debut

Earlier this year, Stratasys announced the launch of a new software for streamlined print management called GrabCAD Print.