3D Archaeology Offers Advantages and Disadvantages

A report in Digital Trends describing how a shipwreck was recreated by 3D scanning and printing suggests some possibilities of the technology in archaeology. 

Onshape FeatureScript 101 Series: Pump Up the Presets (Part 02)

In this video, we’ll build on last week’s hex nut code to add a drop-down list of standard metric nut sizes. 

Tinkerine Ups Their STEAM Game

3D printer manufacturer Tinkerine has launched a new version of their online university, Tinkerine U.

Life After Death: How To Support Aging Industrial 3D Printers

This week we proposed the idea of buying used 3D printers instead of new, but how can you keep them running? 

Regional 3D Print Services Emerge

In spite of the efforts of the major 3D printing industry companies to grow their empires around the world, there is still much opportunity for regional players to emerge. 

Caitlin Oswald – ” I Was Amazed at How Fun It Was to Have Such a Quick Turnaround Between the Build Designs to Having Parts in Our Hands in a Number of Days”

Caitlin Oswald is an Additive Manufacturing Specialist at LAI International – Leading Advanced Innovations

When to Take the Plunge: van Straaten Seeks Own Color 3D Printer?

Long-time 3D print artist Eric van Straaten of the Netherlands is attempting something unique for artists in this field: obtaining his own color 3D printer. 

Defeat Thieves With 3D Printed Stolen Logos

This application of 3D printing resonates strongly with me, and it may with you as well: replacing a stolen logo.

The Unusual Properties of PCL 3D Printer Filament

I’m looking at a plastic I haven’t seen before for 3D printing: PCL. 

Innofil3D’s Super-Strong PRO1 3D Printer Filament

Netherlands-based Innofil3D has released a video showing their new “Pro1” 3D printer filament that has some very strong characteristics.

WASP’s Flexible DeltaWASP 3MT Is More Than Just a Giant 3D Printer

WASP is set to display what might be the largest multi-function 3D printer in the world: the DeltaWASP 3MT.

The MTW Create 3D Printer Kit is Much Improved

Maker’s Tool Works announced the release of the MTW Create 3D printer kit. 

Design of the Week: Solar System

This week’s selection is the educational “Solar System” by Luis Cordoba.

3DPrinterOS Cozies up to Microsoft: Is there More to the Story?

Cloud-based 3D print management service 3DPrinterOS announced they’ve moved their processing to Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. 

3D Models, Created by an A.I.: Good or Bad Idea?

An experiment by researchers at the University of Copenhagen attempted to persuade an A.I. to create a 3D model from scratch. It did. 

WASP’s Diverse 3D Printing Ventures

Italy-based WASP’s medical arm has developed an orthopedic corset, demonstrating the company’s shift towards 3D print applications. 

Local Motors’ Olli Concept is Amazing - Except for One Thing

Local Motors announced a new transportation concept based partly on 3D printing: Olli, the autonomous transportation solution. 

Russian Team Aims to Send Carbon Fiber 3D Printing to Space

When the first 3D printer in space landed at the International Space Station (ISS), it could 3D print with ABS, the plastic found in LEGO bricks. 

Yet Another Composite Filament Idea: Reflectivity

Taiwan-based BotFeeder has launched a new “reflective” 3D printer filament on Indiegogo.

Automate Your 3D Printer’s Operations: Now Possible?

This is a big deal: a company has figured out how to perform automated operations on 3D printers.