Essentium's Mysterious HSE 3D Printer

We got a pitch from Essentium about their mysterious upcoming 3D printer, the HSE. 

Dowell 3D's Inexpensive - and Large - 3D Printers

I’m looking at a Chinese manufacturer of 3D printers I had not encountered previously: Luoyang Dowell Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, simply known as Dowell 3D. 

Sinterit's Upgraded Lisa SLS 3D Printer Gets Bigger - WIthout Changing Bed Size

Sinterit has made a name by supplying a quality desktop SLS 3D printer, the Lisa, for some years now. 

The Buildini Experimental 3D Printer

We’ve been tipped on a potentially interesting new 3D printer, the Buildini, by Budmen Industries. 

A New Standard Style of 3D Printing: Infinite?

An Italian company has announced another “infinite” 3D printer, and I’m wondering if this approach is going to stick. 

Colombian 3D Printer Company Hopes to Break Into North America

We had a chat with Fused Form, a 3D printer manufacturer from Colombia. 

ZRapid's Open Philosophy

I’m impressed with not only ZRapid’s 3D printing products, but their philosophy towards materials. 

Aon3D Has Found Success

Aon3D is a Montreal-based company producing a high-temperature 3D printer.

Continuous Fiber 3D Printing From Moi

Italy-based Moi offers a unique style of 3D printing. 

The Workhorse 3D Concept 3D Printer

I’m looking at a very interesting concept 3D printer from engineer Swaleh Owais.

New Entry Level 3D Metal Printers from 3D Systems

3D Systems announced a pair of similar entry level 3D metal printers. 

Soongon's Professional 3D Printers

We had a chat with the folks from Soongoon Tech about their line of desktop 3D printers.

What Will Aurora Labs' New 3D Metal Printer Look Like?

We got a look at a mock up of Aurora Labs’ upcoming 3D metal printer. 

An Eco Printer From Italy

We’re looking at the upcoming Poly 3D printer. 

The Formalloy X-Series 3D Metal Printer

Larger scale 3D metal printing is available with Formalloy’s X-Series.

HP Has Eyes On 3D Metal Printing

HP says they will enter the 3D metal printing market. 

EOS Keeping Up With A New Material And Machine Coming Soon

EOS is one of the largest industrial 3D printer manufacturers in the world, and they soon will have another product in their portfolio.

3DEO's Tiny Strategy; Or Is It?

There are plenty of startup companies pursuing unusual 3D metal printing processes, and one of them is Los Angeles-based 3DEO. 

Titomic's Kinetic 3D Printing Process

An Australian company is commercializing an unusual 3D metal printing process. 

The LulzBot Mini 2 Desktop 3D Printer

Aleph Objects announced the new LulzBot Mini 2 desktop 3D printer.