Sketchfab Online Store Out of Beta

3D model repository Sketchfab has now removed the “beta” tag from their online store. 

What Filament Should I Use?

With the dramatic increase of 3D print material availability, the choice of filament becomes far more difficult. 

3D Systems' Medical Journey Deepens

3D Systems seems to be building a bit of an ecosystem surrounding their medical venture.

Shapeways Enables Huge Opportunity

Shapeways announced an advanced product creation service that links directly into their making engines. 

Fictiv Announces Overseas Option

Manufacturing platform Fictiv announced a comprehensive system for engaging with overseas providers. 

Authentise Reaching for EOS - and Others

Authentise mentioned in their recent newsletter a relationship with EOS equipment, suggesting a significant move. 

Kickstarter Hardware Studio Launches New Badge System for Product Fulfillment

While the mission behind Kickstarter is great for “small guy” entrepreneurs with a good idea and enough chutzpah to launch it into the world via the internet, the ending result isn’t always so great for some project backers.

Emendo Cloud Now Available

What happens after testing? Products go live!

MakePrintable Now Automatable

MakePrintable has introduced an interesting workflow system.

Onshape Spreads Across Companies With Onshape Enterprise

3D CAD service provider Onshape announced their latest product, Onshape Enterprise. 

3DPrinterOS Rides the Azure Train

3DPrinterOS announced an interesting joint service with Microsoft to enhance use of their Azure system. 

Would You Try a New 3D Model Repair Service?

We’ve been covertly testing a new cloud-based 3D model repair service that is now available for testing. 

GE Making Some Moves in Additive Manufacturing

There is no doubt GE is serious about 3D metal printing. 

Inside Stratasys Metal 3D Printing Spin-Off Vulcan Labs

Recently, 3D printing stalwart Stratasys spun off not one, but two companies. 

Making It Easier to Create 3D Printed Applications

3D printing technology is a wonder of the 21st century, but it’s still quite hard to create applications. 

Secrets of 3D Print Pricing

One of the trickier aspects of operating 3D printers for hire is that of pricing prints. 

Solver-as-a-Service Platform Now Generally Available

High performance cloud computing company OnScale

PolyHédronisme - Any Polyhedron You May Desire

Need a polyhedron? Try PolyHédronisme.

A Big Addition to Onshape

Online 3D modeling service Onshape added not one, but two very powerful features this week. 

An Interesting Angle on Metal Prototyping

Prototyping has long been a key application for 3D printing, but here’s a new approach.