2015: The Year of 3D Printing Corrections

We’ve been writing about 3D printing for over eight years now, and 2015 may have been the most tumultuous and amazing year yet seen. Let’s look at what happened. 

Hands On With Feelcolor’s Fascinating 3D Printer Filaments

We managed to test some really amazing 3D printer filament from newcomer Feelcolor. 

New 3D Printer Hot End Could Solve The Filament Dilemma

The “1730 Full Metal Hotend” from ReprapUniverse in The Netherlands is able to handle two different filament diameters. 

UCLA Invents New Strong And Lightweight Metal, But Can It Be 3D Printed?

A new metal alloy developed by UCLA researchers looks quite promising, particularly for aerospace use, but can it be 3D printed? 

3D Printing Is Too Slow, Unless You Have A Farm

We’re checking out a new 3D print service, Printaworld, which boasts of a 100+ unit 3D printer “farm”. 

If You Can Image It, You Can 3D Scan It

The ability to create detailed 3D scans of practically anything is in everyone’s hands and most people don’t realize it. 

Implications of The Demise of 3D Systems’ Cube 3D Printer

Yesterday 3D Systems announced not only the demise of The Cube, but also their entire consumer brand, Cubify. What are the implications of this? 

Is There A Campaign Against Stratasys?

We’re reading a curious story from Ticker Report that highlights someone selling their stake in Stratasys. Is this important? We think not. 

BREAKING: 3D Systems Kills The Cube - And Cubify!

In retrospect perhaps not the most surprising development, 3D printing giant 3D Systems has discontinued the Cube, their flagship consumer 3D printer option. Why did this happen? 

Gartner Examines Stratasys’ Strategy; We Agree

Gartner 3D printing analyst and Fabbaloo friend Pete Basiliere visited Stratasys’ HQ to find out more about their strategy going forward. 

Stratasys’ New Logo

Somehow we totally missed this, and perhaps you did too: Stratasys has rebranded with a new logo!

Design of the Week: Robot Drinky

This week’s selection is the amazingly lifelike “Robot Drinky” by Korea-based Euchan Park. 

La Poste’s Big Step Into 3D Printing

France’s postal service, La Poste just set up a comprehensive 3D model repository to power their network of 3D printers. 

3D Printing As Expert Court Witness?

We’re reading an interesting report from The Expert Institute where they describe the increasing use of 3D prints in court. 

uMake For 3D Printing? We Don’t Think So

A new iOS app for easily creating sketch-based 3D models appeared: uMake. But we’re not sure it’s best for 3D printing. 

Need A Different 3D Printer Filament Color? Colorilab Has Over 180

One of the ongoing annoyances with filament-based 3D printing is the lack of suitable colors for prints. Now that may change with Colorilab’s massive color set. 

Printable Concrete: Coming Soon to a Construction Site Near You

We’ve reported on 3D printing concrete before, but 2016 looks to be the year that will finally see this production technique in widespread use. 

Six Questions With Joshua Harker

One of the most well-known 3D print artists is Joshua Harker, who has produced a number of incredible 3D prints that we’re sure you’ve seen. 

Wash And Repaint 3D Prints With BioInspiration's Eco-Filaments

Startup BioInspiration launched their line of biodegradable 3D printer filaments on Kickstarter a while ago, but now they’ve figured out how to repaint objects printed with their materials. 

Additive Industries Nails Their First Beta Tester For MetalFAB1

Netherlands-based Additive Industries has found a willing tester for their massive metal 3D printing system, the MetalFAB1.