Focusing on Our Top 3D Print Stories in 2016

At the end of the year, we like to review our progress. 

How 3D Printing Revolutionized the World’s Oldest Making Process

A wonderful story has been submitted to our publication describing how a traditional ceramics craftsman was able to vastly simplify his work using 3D print technology

Fabbaloo's Annual Survey Still Needs Your Input

Our annual reader survey is STILL going and we need your input today!

New Fast “Programmable Tooling” Tech Rivals Continuous DLP 3D Printing

When I last spoke to Graham Bredemeyer over a year ago, he told me that he was developing a unique 3D printer platform in his own apartment in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

In The Future, There Will Be Two Kinds of 3D Printers

I’ve been doing some thinking about the “Industry 4.0” concept and believe it may drive the style of future 3D printers. 

EVO-tech Can 3D Print Real Metal Objects with Filament!

Hidden in the back of EVO-tech’s booth at FormNext was a very significant spool of material. 

Maix to Launch in January

A secretive project to enable consumers to “design” their own products is set to launch in a few weeks. 

Designer Kirby Downey Bring Doom’s BFG to Life

Doom is arguably the quintessential first-person shooter that spawned one of the most popular video game genres of all time. 

The Promise of Xjet’s Unusual 3D Printing Process

Xjet is a very interesting Israeli company developing a truly unique 3D printing process that differs from any other. 

3D Printing: The Key to the Solar System

A new paper from NASA proposes how to leverage 3D printing and robotics technologies to literally take over the solar system. 

My Ongoing Struggles With The Idea of 3D Food Printing

I’m reading a story about consumer 3D food printing possibilities on and am struggling with the concept. 

Stephania Stefanakou – “My Biggest Challenge as a Woman Entrepreneur Is Having a Background in Fashion”

Stephania went from studying all about the fashion industry to Tech, through IOT and wearable technology.

Five Ways Machine Learning Could Help 3D Printing

You’ve likely been hearing a lot about something called “Machine Learning” lately, but could this affect 3D printing? Most definitely so!

MakerOS Introduces a Very Needed Feature

MakerOS is an online service that provides a number of management functions to those operating 3D printing businesses. Now they’ve introduced a key function. 

Attacking the Main Problem of Polymer 3D Printing

Finally, someone is doing something about a problem faced by virtually all polymer-based 3D printing: predictability.

EVO-tech’s Professional 3D Printing System

Four-year old EVO-tech’s main product is a very powerful desktop 3D printer for professional use. 

Still Time To Participate in our Annual Survey - And Win!

Yes, there is still time to participate in our annual reader survey, once again powered by 3D print service Sculpteo.

3D Systems’ Infocenter Impresses

I just noticed that 3D Systems has completely revamped their online support material for all their equipment. 

Design of the Week: LED Bridge

This week’s selection is the rather large LED Bridge lamp by Thingiverse contributor Janis Jakaitis. 

Farsoon Enters Americas: More 3D Metal Printer Choices Than Ever Before

Another Asian 3D metal printer manufacturer has launched operations in North America: Farsoon.