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Printable Scenery’s Winterdale RPG Collection

Printable Scenery has been producing 3D models for RPGs for quite a while, but now they’ve launched a huge new collection. 

The company specializes in 3D models of miniature castles and similar items for use in tabletop role playing games; we first covered them in 2014, when we bumped into their website. 

Now they’ve launched a new collection, called “Winterdale”. Here’s how they describe it: 

WINTERDALE is a complete modular medieval fantasy city for 28mm tabletop wargames and RPG. Each model is delivered as a .stl file pack to be downloaded and printed on your home 3D Printer.

Of course, you could just buy all these (or similar) parts from conventional sources, but the point here is that with larger collections, the costs add up. If you happen to have access to a 3D printer (which most readers of Fabbaloo likely do), you can obtain this collection at low cost and simply print off all the objects yourself. 

Even better, you can print different quantities of them to compose different city designs. 

The collection has four sets of items, each focused on a specific architectural theme: Hamlet, Tower, Citadel and Castle. These are made from several parts, some of which could be assembled in different ways to provide more variety. 

Currently you can order various combinations of these sets from the company’s latest Kickstarter campaign, in prices ranging up to USD$75 for the entire collection. 

If you’re into Warhammer or similar games, this might an offer you should investigate. 

Via Kickstarter and Printable Scenery

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