Capcom Moves to 3D Printing for New Cover Art

Capcom, makers of many notable video games over the past 32 years, now makes use of 3D printing to bring a spotlight on their new game, Street Fighter V. 

It’s an unusual marketing approach we haven’t yet seen: take a very popular franchise icon and transform it into a 3D collectible. In this case, Capcom’s upcoming March 2016 debut of Street Fighter V is being promoted by the early release of this cover art in 3D. 

The collectible in this case is a 3D transformation of the 2D image shown here, which will be the cover art for the new video game. This has been done using ZVerse’s Layr technology, which can easily perform this type of 3D modeling. The 3D model is then printed and marketed through Source3’s Amazon marketplace where they will be selling a variety of licensed 3D products such as this one from Capcom. 

For USD$120, you’ll receive a 6.5 x 0.2 x 8 inches ; 2 pounds (165 x 5 x 203mm; 1kg) printed color plate with the 3D image embossed on one side. The print is said to come in “full color sandstone”, strongly suggesting they’re printing this on a 3D Systems color Projet x60 industrial color 3D printer, perhaps using a 3D print service like Shapeways or Sculpteo behind the scenes.

It seems that this will not be the last 3D artwork project by Capcom, who indicate they will be doing more. According to Francis Mao, Senior Director, Marketing, Creative Services, Events and Licensing, Capcom, Inc. USA: 

Capcom is excited to offer such a unique Street Fighter collectible to all its fans, utilizing cutting edge 3D technology. This is the first of many Capcom images that will be brought to life in the amazing world of 3D printing.

This makes sense: create a new form of collectible for the already very large audience. Imagine at a future date fans may develop large collections of such plates, just as those in the past collected movie posters. This could be a thing. 

Via Amazon and Zverse

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