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3D Hubs Hits Key Milestone: 20,000 3D Printers

Yesterday community 3D printing network 3D Hubs apparently hit the incredible milestone of 20,000 participants. 

The popular service provides an ability for those with 3D printers to connect with clients wishing to print things. It’s been able to capitalize on the increasing number of hobby 3D printers that can sometimes be idle, making them available at low costs to those without 3D printers. 

3D Hubs has been growing steadily since their inception a few short years ago. Now by hitting the 20,000 3D printer mark, they seem to have the volume to take further steps. Their growth has been recognized by investors as well: they’ve scored many millions in venture capital investment, raising their company value and providing more than sufficient working capital. 

That working capital has been used to grow their product, network and marketing efforts. We’ve seen them connect with a variety of different 3D services to offer print services where before there were none. We’ve seen them improve their software API, permitting even more ways to connect with their growing network. 

Their growth itself is growing. According to their statistics, they’ve more 3D printers join the network in the past six months than in the entire two years previous. This indicates they’re succeeding. 

The number 20,000 is significant, as it likely represents a good chunk of the active personal 3D printers in the world today. We previously speculated on the number being something around 250,000, so this implies 3D Hubs might be closing in on 10% of the available market. 

Their growth at some point will be constrained by the number of 3D printers and operators willing to participate in the network. But for now, the sales of 3D printers continues to increase, and 3D Hubs will be able to ride that wave for some time yet. 

Via 3D Hubs

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