Into the Mailbag: Fabbaloo’s Incoming Message Periodic Review

Just some incoming mail

As a very popular 3D print blog, we tend to receive a ton of messages from the public. Some of them are “interesting”. 

Certainly many messages are very useful, such as those requesting a story correction, information about vendors or even debating a position taken in one of our stories. Some messages are blatant spam, but then there are a few that are seemingly related to the topic, but are just a bit strange. Here are some from the last few months: 

Hope you are well! We are very excited to announce Panasonic’s brand new Steam Convection Oven. I wanted to share the news with you, please see details below:

Wut? We need no ovens here!

Glad to learn that you’re interested in making silicone & rubber parts. We have been exporting these parts many years, all parts with good quality and pretty competitive price. Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. 

I don’t think so. The only rubber we need is something to bounce strange messages. 

My name is xxx yyyy and I was wondering if your company would make a prototype that is made of metal (for a kitchen utensil) with a rubber (possibly silicone) overlay at the handle?  If so, would it be confidential and what kind of prices are we looking at if I were to send my CAD drawings.  Don’t worry, I do not expect a quote,  but just a round figure from low to high…

Well, we could write a story about this part, but we CAN’T MAKE ONE! 

Dear sir : I am a general trader, I live in Dubai . I am searching for the CoLiDo 3D printers . I would like to know about your products and asking if you can send me an offer. Thank you 

Are you searching for CoLiDo or wanting an offer? An offer for what? Perhaps check their website? 

I’m interested in your product ABS/PLA filament machine for 3D printer, I would like some more details: What is the best price you can offer?

Our best price for ABS/PLA filament machine is zero: we don’t have one!

I get your mail from internet,I know you are on the market for Pizza. We are Pizza box supplier for designing, producing and exporting. We can research and design new products. If you have need,please contact me freely. Thanks for your valuable time. Attached our product models. 

While I’m certain these are excellent pizza boxes, I’d prefer to simply eat the pizza. 

Dear Manager, Our company is leading manufacturing & exporting all kinds of casting & forging & machining parts according to the customer’s drawings or samples to all over the world for many years. We know you are in industry line. If possible, we would like to establish the long relationship with your esteemed company and supply the casting & forging & machining parts to your products according to your drawings or samples.

I’m afraid our esteemed company is not in that industry line. 

my name is Mr. XXX YYYY , i send this inquiry in regards to order some Drop Warp Tape . Well can i have some prices per unit, types and do you take credit card .

We do accept credit cards but we DO NOT SELL DROP WARP TAPE!

I am following up from my last email to see if MakiBox would be interested in placing an advert in the upcoming issue of our online publication. We have an international subscriber-base in excess of 332,000 and attract more than 18,000 unique visitors to our website each month, as well as boasting one of the widest readerships in the industry.

For starters, we are not MakiBox. And worse, MakiBox has been OUT OF BUSINESS for years. 

I have a proposal, It does not require your funding and there are no dangers involved. I am a Sgt of the United States Army on Active Duty based in  Camp Stanley

I’m very pleased to know there are no dangers involved! Whew! So many of our operations are terribly dangerous. But, no, not today, as our mercenary plans are coming up next year. 

We are looking for exclusive agent in your country. If you are interested in it, please kindly let me know. I will send you the catalog and quotation at once.

This sounds very excellent! Um, but for what? 

I have a large quantity of NEMA 17 stepper motors for sale below wholesale. They are made by Minebea and are new in factory sealed boxes of 60 pieces each with wire harnesses.

Just in time! We definitely need hundreds of stepper motors for our blog writing engine!

Hi Hope you fine. we have DLP lcd printer like yours .we have a problem .when we use envisiontec ec500 .it doesnt work with that resin. could you help us. Thanks

We fine. We no have DLP lcd printer. Sorry. No help

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