Memories Of KD

It’s possible to make a souped-up version of KD without any use of 3D printing technologies whatsoever.

Dipping Eggs!

A breakfast favorite, Dipping Eggs, is enhanced with a 3D printing twist.


Layer-By-Layer Lasagna

When it comes to real satisfaction of a well-made build, nothing layers it on quite like the perfect lasagna.


Nova Meat Hopes to 3D Print Your Steak

A Spanish company hopes to develop a specialized 3D printer that is capable of producing vegetarian steaks that both taste good and have great texture. But will you eat one?


The Importance of Texture in 3D Printed Foods

Novameat has designed a specialized 3D printer to replicate the fibrous texture of meat, and this could lead to an explosion of plant-based alternative 3D printed meats.


The Busy Hidden Uses Of 3D Printing

Are there hidden use cases for 3D printing that are incredibly powerful? We’ve found some before, now here’s another one.


$6M For 3D Printed “Meat”?

3D printing is redefining manufacturing; why not also redefine meat? That’s exactly what a young Israel-based company, aptly called Redefine Meat, proposes to do — and they’ve just pulled in a $6 million investment to do so.

$3D printed food

Book of the Week: Fundamentals of 3D Food Printing

Want to learn about 3D printed food? This book contains pretty much everything you need to know about 3D printed food, including chocolate, dough, cheese and more.

$Chocolate 3D Print Service

Large-Sized Chocolate 3D Printing

Want a 3D printed chocolate tower? La MIAM Factory has a chocolate 3D printing service that can 3D print tall chocolate objects, and they’re quite tasty.

$3D food printing nozzle

A Coaxial 3D Print Extruder?

Ever heard of a coaxial nozzle for 3D printing? This is an experimental version being used for unusual food 3D printing.

$3d printing innovations

Five Impactful 3D Printing Innovations

Let’s take a look at a few of the most impressive 3D printing innovations of the last five years and see how much the industry has changed since it began.


Design of the Week: Mac Pho

This week’s selection is the uncannily realistic “Mac Pho” by maker Eric Au.


TRUE Food Safe PLA

Filaments.ca is introducing a new food-safe line of 3D printing filament.


Niche 3D Printers Are Feasible

With big companies moving into the 3D printer space, is there any room left for the small guys? 


The ByFlow Focus 3D Food Printer

There are a scant few “food” 3D printers available, and one of them is the Byflow Focus 3D food printer. 


A Chocolate 3D Printing Breakthrough?

I’m looking at a Reuters story about a Belgian company that’s created a 3D printed chocolate service, and there seems to be something quite interesting visible. 

3D Systems

3D Systems Announces Culinary Events

3D Systems set dates for five upcoming events where they will explain 3D printed food techniques to the public. 


3D Printer “Dough Cannon” Struggles

A Kickstarter project to develop a unique extruder specifically for 3D printed dough seems to be having trouble raising funds. 


3D Printed Food for the Elderly?

A report on Capital Technologies describes a venture to provide 3D printed food for seniors. We’re a bit skeptical.


PancakeBot Raises USD$460K

PancakeBot’s Kickstarter campaign helped the project raise an amazing USD$460,584.


What Does 3D Printed Food Taste Like?

While most 3D printed objects are wholly inedible, some folks indeed print food. 3Digital Cooks recently did some taste testing. 


Is This Really 2D Printing?

A mass-produced 3D printed chocolate operation is incredible, but is it really 3D printing? 

3D Systems

The CocoJet 3D Printer

3D Systems is getting more serious about edible printing, with the public demonstration of the CocoJet chocolate printer. 

3D Systems

3DSystems, CIA Partnership Expands AM’s Reach to Food

3D Systems has announced a partnership with The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to provide faculty and students the opportunity to explore the intersection of 3D printed food and artisan culinary methods. 


Choc Creator: Version 2

There’s a new Choc Edge 3D chocolate printer available that’s much improved over their first release: Choc Creator V2.


A New Universal 3D Paste Extruder

Soon to launch will be Structr3D Printing’s “universal paste extruder” that could enable many personal 3D printers to extruder some very unusual materials. 


The Chocabyte 3D Printer

There are several ventures developing edible chocolate 3D printers for the kitchen and Solididea’s Chocabyte is one of them. 


The Foodini 3D Food Printer

There have been several attempts at 3D food printing, ranging from experimental to limited commercial units, most of which have disappeared. A new venture, the Foodini, might change that pattern. 

3D Systems

The Sweet ChefJet 3D Printers

3D Systems announced not one, but two edible food 3D printers last week, creating an entirely new genre of commercial 3D printing.    The two

3D Systems

3D Systems Announces… Everything!

Yesterday as CES 2014 opened we had to drop by the 3D Systems booth as they had just that morning released information on multiple new


The Six Challenges of 3D Food Printing

Yesterday we wrote on TNO’s work towards the challenge of 3D printed food. They’ve been experimenting with various processes and even combined their work with


Developments in 3D Food Printing

We’re looking at a video from TNO, who have been developing various forms of 3D food printing. 3D printed food seems to be a topic


Africa’s Octo-Choco-Printer

We’ve heard about chocolate 3D printers before, but never one like this. Fouche Chocolates of South Africa, and specifically its engineer Hans Fouche has developed


Tasting the ChocEdge Chocolate 3D Printer

We had a chance to speak with Christina Zheng, Business Development Director for ChocEdge. It’s one of the very few personal 3D printers capable of

3D Systems

3D Systems Acquires The Sugar Lab

If you happen to visit the Sugar Lab website today, you’ll notice a small addition: a 3D Systems logo on the top right of the

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