3D Printed IKEA Designs Bring Some Magic To Home Sound Systems!

The FREKVENS Collection [Source: Yanko Design]

IKEA and Teenage Engineering have come up with a stylish audio and light system collection that can be downloaded and 3D printed!

The Purpose

Concerts haven’t really been the jam after COVID-19 started, but IKEA and Teenage Engineering took the opportunity as a challenge to be creative. They released the FREKVENS, “a limited home collection of audio and light systems that enlists one main objective: get the party started”. The collection is comprised of sound systems and light shows.

IKEA explains:

“Get inspired by the new FREKVENS limited collection from IKEA! The portable music system is co-created with the Swedish electronics company teenage engineering and is the core of the collection. Inspired by the movement and ambience of a party, the solitaire speakers have modular possibilities allowing you to turn them into a sound system. Then just attach some LEDs and spotlights and choose your accessories for an instant party.”

The Format

STL files are the most common 3D file format and can be downloaded to any 3D software that allows design development and 3D graphics production. They can then be 3D printed within a span of 30 minutes to 8 hours.

Teenage Engineering in particular chose to use a Prusa i3 3D printer to print the accessories that they designed to “work as counterparts for specific items from the FREKVENS collection” and uploaded images and the respective, downloadable STL files for these accessories as well.

The Process

After the STL files are uploaded, different accessories for home sound systems can be customized by the customer to offer a uniquely personal experience.

Every download linked to Teenage Engineering’s website is accompanied by instructions on how to assemble and build parts as well as how to attach the accessories to FREKVENS products. Although a few additional tools like screws may be needed, the overall assembly is glue-free and generally simple.

Yanko Design reports:

“IKEA’s FREKVENS audio system is designed for the home and Teenage Engineering’s 3D accessories offer that touch of customization to transport listeners anywhere”.

My Thoughts

I think IKEA is a staple for many of us in that it is “the furniture store” with all the goods. Lately, innovations that improve IKEA’s designs have been popular among creators and so I was excited to see IKEA join forces with Teenage Engineering to take the user experience to a whole new level. Music is something that’s also a part of everybody’s life. For all the concert lovers and the audio tech geeks like my dad, this kind of innovation is a dream during quarantine.

As someone who’s been looking into buying a cost-efficient sound system for my room, I can’t believe I never thought about what kind of advantages 3D printing could offer. Countless times, I’ve shown up at the store for literally anything; shoes, watches, you name it, and will have to come back home empty-handed because the store didn’t have a model that I liked. My favorite part of this design is the customizability and control that it offers the user as well as the fact that it’s not super complicated to put together as many IKEA things may sometimes turn out to be!

Via Yanko Design and IKEA

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