Two 3Dwox Updates

The increasing popularity of the amazing 3Dwox desktop 3D printer from Sindoh tells me readers may be interested in two subtle updates about the device. 

Obama Likes 3D Printing

During last night’s annual State of the Union address, US President Obama actually mentioned 3D printing and positioned it as one of his key strategies for reinvigorating the US manufacturing industry.    Specifically, he’s extending the experiment begun at the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute experiment, launched in August 2012. This institute attempts to speed… Continue reading Obama Likes 3D Printing

Are FabLabs Enough?

We’re reading a fascinating and provocative article by entrepreneur Nick Pelling detailing his thoughts around the uses of 3D printing, manufacturing processes and creativity.    Pelling feels that the simple Fablabs sprouting up all over are insufficient for inventors and entrepreneurs to truly prototype for mass production. Prototypes “for looks”, just aren’t good enough.   … Continue reading Are FabLabs Enough?

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US Government To Operate Fab Labs?

What? We think of Fab Labs as independent operations supplying a focus for local fabrication activities, channeling ideas, tools, techniques, parts and space together where Great Things Evolve. Typically they spring up out of grassroots ideas from strong proponents who just make it happen, sometimes with local academic or corporate sponsorship. But now we read… Continue reading US Government To Operate Fab Labs?

Visiting a FabLab

There’s a great photojourney of a visit through Aachen’s FabLab at lekernel’s scrapbook, including images of their 3D printer, laser cutter and milling machine. What exactly is a “FabLab”? Here’s the Wikipedia definition:   A Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) is a small-scale workshop with an array of computer controlled tools that cover several different length… Continue reading Visiting a FabLab