How Do You Implement 3D Printing?

While some readers might think getting into 3D printing is as simple as buying a machine and powering it up, that’s definitely not the case for industry users. 

The RepRap Industrial

RepRap 3D printers are for hobbyists, right? For tinkerers who like to build their own machines? Not always, if you were to ask the brothers Kühling & Kühling, who produce the RepRap Industrial 3D printer.    This machine is a pre-assembled RepRap machine specifically designed for industrial use. What makes it so? We noticed multiple… Continue reading The RepRap Industrial

Withings New Scale Rescued By 3D Printing

For those accustomed to digital manufacturing using 3D printing, it’s becoming hard to imagine how companies designed products in the past. Today’s leading companies use a digital process to create their offerings, and that’s precisely what Withings did to develop their latest smart scale.    Withings, if you don’t know, produce an amazing personal weight… Continue reading Withings New Scale Rescued By 3D Printing

Demand for 3D Printers Continues to Grow

In a recently released report, independent market research firm IDTechEx found that the 3D printing market did an impressive billion dollars in business in 2012, and that by 2025 it could reach four billion in total sales.   In the study, titled “3D Printing 2013-2025: Technologies, Markets, Players,” IDTechEx argues that 3D printing sector growth… Continue reading Demand for 3D Printers Continues to Grow