BotObjects, Again

You might recall the controversial BotObjects ProDesk3D full color personal 3D printer? It’s controversial because many believe it doesn’t really exist. Or does it? 

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Color Mixing on the Connex3

Stratasys’ latest 3D printer series, the Connex3, is able to produce a wide variety of 3D objects with multiple properties. As we posted earlier, the technology permits rigid, color, transparent and flexible materials to be produced within a single 3D print operation.    The Connex3’s can hold and print three unique materials simultaneously, with some… Continue reading Color Mixing on the Connex3

The Connex3 Materials Cabinet

The Connex3 also comes with a powerful materials cabinet. It’s a separate unit typically installed beside the main Connex3 and is intended to house cartridges containing color resins. The resins are pumped into the printer during active printing.    Now you’d think there would need to be extra space for cartridges servicing the new third… Continue reading The Connex3 Materials Cabinet

Stratasys Announces The Objet 500 Connex3 Advanced Color 3D Printer

During yesterday’s press conference at the San Diego Convention Center Stratasys publicly revealed what many had speculated about for months: a vastly improved color 3D printer. It’s called the Objet 500 Connex3. The name follows the pattern of the previous “Connex”, which referred to the technology of dynamically mixing two different types of materials in… Continue reading Stratasys Announces The Objet 500 Connex3 Advanced Color 3D Printer

Klone World

At CES we encountered Klone World in the 3D Systems’ booth. Klone World is a service that provides the increasingly popular ability to implant your 3D face on a figurine. Klone World offers a number of different figurine scenarios and poses, different than those offered by 3D Systems’ 3DMe service.    Amazingly, the service works… Continue reading Klone World

3D System’s Color 3D Printers

3D Systems recently made a couple of announcements regarding their full-color 3D printers, releasing the new ProJet 4500 and the CubeJet. Both 3D printers are capable of producing full-RGB color solid objects.    They’re both evolutions of the technology 3D Systems obtained when they acquired ZCorp some years ago. ZCorp offered various models that printed… Continue reading 3D System’s Color 3D Printers

MCOR Doubles Their 3D Print Speed – At No Cost!

3D printer manufacturer MCOR, who produce the full-color Iris paper 3D printer, announced a pretty major new feature: double speed printing. Yes, TWICE as fast.    Even better, the software upgrade that increases the speed is being made available for all existing machines.    But how do they do it? It’s all in the motion.… Continue reading MCOR Doubles Their 3D Print Speed – At No Cost!

Something Interesting is Inside the new Builder 3D Printer

At the 2013 3D Printshow we stopped by the Code-p west BV booth, who produce the Builder personal 3D printer. These folks produce a typical personal 3D printer, but as we talked with their spokesman, something very interesting was revealed.   At first, their machine appears much like many other personal 3D printers: a cubic… Continue reading Something Interesting is Inside the new Builder 3D Printer

New Tease From BotObjects

Remember BotObjects? They’re the company that’s producing a “Full Color” personal 3D printer, the ProDesk3D. They have been releasing very little information about their upcoming device, leading to much speculation whether it’s real or not. Now, thanks to a video recently posted on their site, we know a little bit more about this very mysterious… Continue reading New Tease From BotObjects

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More ProDesk3D Details Revealed

You might recall the very mysterious ProDesk3D printer from botObjects that is said to be an inexpensive, full color personal 3D printer.    A grand claim indeed, as no one can yet explain how an inexpensive 3D printer can manage multi-color printing. Many current 3D printers are multi-color in the sense of “switching” from one… Continue reading More ProDesk3D Details Revealed

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BotObjects Tells More – But Not Enough

You may recall the mysterious launch of the ProDesk30 from BotObjects the other week? It was said to be an amazing Full Color personal 3D plastic extrusion printer. Many observers were highly skeptical of this claim, particularly because little evidence or even specifications had been released by BotObjects.    Now that’s changed. A bit.   … Continue reading BotObjects Tells More – But Not Enough

The ProDesk3D From BotObjects – In Full Color?

New York City startup BotObjects announced what could be the first full-color plastic 3D printer, the ProDesk3D. While their stealthy launch and impressive claims have generated some buzz, they have also generated major controversy.    First, what’s the ProDesk3D? It’s a desktop 3D printer, suitable for consumer or office use. It prints extruded PLA or… Continue reading The ProDesk3D From BotObjects – In Full Color?

3D Systems Rebrands Their Color 3D Printers

After 3D Systems’ acquisition of ZCorp, they found themselves owners of the Zprinter line of the only full-color 3D printers available. These machines continued to be improved and new variations added up until this week.    What happened this week? 3D Systems has rebranded the entire Zprinter line into new ProJet models. No more Zprinters!… Continue reading 3D Systems Rebrands Their Color 3D Printers

3D Captured Tattoos

We’re looking at an unusual 3D scanning project on Kickstarter: the “3d tattoo body art scanner” by UK artist Lee Wagstaff. Wagstaff is notable as he was the first person to use his own body art as presentation material during his Master’s degree defense.    Having such an incredible array of intricate tattoos poses a… Continue reading 3D Captured Tattoos

Design of the Week: Humming

This week’s selection is Eric van Straaten’s “Humming” Statuette.    With the simple description, “Girl holding a hummingbird”, van Straaten’s statuette clearly demonstrates the power of color 3D printing. Polychemy says:     Eric van Straaten is a Hyper Surreal artist and a noteable 3D Print artist and sculptor. His work has been featured in… Continue reading Design of the Week: Humming

Blended Color 3D Printing

It’s been a dream of 3D printing hobbyists to be able to print in glorious color. That dream still is developing, but maker RichRap has taken a big step in that direction by developing a 3-way extruder for RepRap-style 3D printers.    It’s not exactly a full color 3D printer, although RichRap’s initial intentions were… Continue reading Blended Color 3D Printing

Ponoko’s Badass Black

Ceramic 3D printing services are not exactly new, but there are limits to the colors offered by popular 3D printing services. Ponoko has announced the availability of black ceramic material.    Previously Ponoko offered a variety of pastel-ish colors, including Green, Pale Blue, Peach, Periwinkle, Teal, White and Yellow. The new colors include a choice… Continue reading Ponoko’s Badass Black

Ponoko’s Color Ceramics

Ponoko has announced the availability of seven different colors for their glazed ceramic 3D printing material.    They previously offered four colors, but now add Yellow, Green and Pale Blue. Even better, they’re offering a discount of 10% off any orders using glazed ceramic until July 29th.    Now you can make that coffee cup… Continue reading Ponoko’s Color Ceramics

Sculpteo Introduces Color Ceramics

Growing 3D print service Sculpteo has introduced a little bit of color to their ceramic material options. Today you can choose from these tasty glazing options: White Glossy, Oyster Blue, Tangerine Orange, Turquoise, Aquarius Blue, Satin Black, Anis Green and Lemon Yellow.   Not only will you receive colored objects, but they’ll be perfectly smooth… Continue reading Sculpteo Introduces Color Ceramics

A New 3D Printer From Objet?

There’s something brewing at Objet, makers of the Connex line of commercial 3D printers. First we saw a mysterious art exhibition of color objects apparently produced on a color-capable Objet 3D printer – but there are no color-capable Objet 3D printers! Then we hear that Objet issued a press release indicating the art was produced… Continue reading A New 3D Printer From Objet?

Multicolor RepRap Printing Progresses

After the initial thrill of 3D printing wears off, one begins to look for possible improvements. One of the most sought-after improvements is the ability to print color objects. We don’t mean “a” color, we mean “many” colors. Since plastic filament comes in only one color (except for that elusive Tartan filament we were looking… Continue reading Multicolor RepRap Printing Progresses

The 3D Printed Art of Robert Geshlider

Artists have begun leveraging 3D printing technology to produce wondrous creations. This week we encountered an artist who is pushing the technology to its limit by creating perhaps the most amazing 3D printed pieces we’ve ever seen.    We contacted California-based Robert Geshlider and asked him a few questions about his work, some of which… Continue reading The 3D Printed Art of Robert Geshlider

Color 3D Printing At Home

It’s possible to buy a color 3D printer, but they’re currently very expensive, such as those from ZCorp. Meanwhile, typical home 3D printers are monochrome, at least until you change the input plastic filament. The good news is that the selection of filament colors continues to increase and now includes quite a variety beyond simple… Continue reading Color 3D Printing At Home

Full Color 3D Printing

Yes, that’s right – Shapeways now offers full color 3D printing. They’ve scored a ZCorp 650 3D printer, which provides the color capability. The “Full Color Sandstone” material is able to handle color texture maps.    It’s obviously more work to prepare color models. You must create a texture map in your 3D modelling software… Continue reading Full Color 3D Printing