3D Printed Goldeneye Remote Mine

We were contacted by Shane Blomberg who was excited to show us his project to create a Goldeneye Remote Mine replica prop from the 007 game from the 90’s.    The project originally manifested as an “Instructable”, but it required you to somehow find a now-prehistoric PC Commander Joystick base. Given that such things are… Continue reading 3D Printed Goldeneye Remote Mine

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SinterHab: A 3D Printed Lunar Module

A new proposal for 3D printing lunar habitats has been unveiled by Tomas Rousek, Katarina Eriksson and Dr. Ondrej Doule of the International Space University, and this one looks like it just might work.    Previous proposals involved shipping 3D supplies from Mother Earth, but that obviously requires more energy and expense. The SinterHab proposal… Continue reading SinterHab: A 3D Printed Lunar Module

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World’s First 3D Printed Snowboard

Every Third Thursday has published a video of their most recent experiment: a 3D printed snowboard. The experiment, as you’ll see, was a success.    Printing a snowboard poses two immediate challenges: a snowboard is larger than most 3D printers’ build chambers. The second challenge is strength. 3D printers can produce objects but they often… Continue reading World’s First 3D Printed Snowboard

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3D Printed Business Figures

Everyone hands out business cards – it’s been the standard method of exchanging business information for a very long time. But now Nanning de Jong of 3Dwergen in The Netherlands has created an alternative approach using 3D printing: Business Figurines.    3DWergen’s client, Resoluut, a web and software firm, already had several cartoons used as… Continue reading 3D Printed Business Figures

Tacori Rings Expands 3D Printing Capability

Ring manufacturer Tacori has just acquired a brand new 3D Systems Projet 3500 CPX Max 3D printer, a device specifically designed for production of jewelry. The new machine permits a much more rapid ring development process at Tacori, changing how they create and deliver products. Tacori’s President of Sales and Marketing, Paul Tacorian, says:   … Continue reading Tacori Rings Expands 3D Printing Capability

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Multi-Armed Bioprinting

Researchers at the University of Iowa College of Engineering’s Center for Computer Aided Design have developed a rather interesting prototype bioprinter, capable of printing living tissue. The device, made by Ibrahim Ozbolat, assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering and doctoral student Howard Chen, does something no other 3D printer can do, whether for bioprinting… Continue reading Multi-Armed Bioprinting

Nike’s 3D Printed Talons

Nike’s new Vapor Laser Talon football shoe wouldn’t exist without 3D printing technology. The shoe manufacturer used metal 3D printing technology to prototype a special plate and traction system for the new footwear.    According to Nike’s MJP Performance Director, Lance Walker:   Nike’s new 3D printed plate is contoured to allow football athletes to… Continue reading Nike’s 3D Printed Talons

3D Printed Mammoth Steaks?!

Modern Meadow is 3D bioprinting startup developing a method of 3D printing “meat and leather” ultimately for human consumption. They combine advances in biotech with 3D printing to eliminate the need for real animal food production, which is hugely energy intensive.    Recently Modern Meadow’s Andras Forgacs performed a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). The… Continue reading 3D Printed Mammoth Steaks?!

Perfectly Smooth Your 3D Prints – But Be Careful!

After the initial thrill of seeing a 3D print emerge from thin air, 3D print newbies often notice the layering effect. This is, of course, caused by the gradual deposition of plastic layers during the build process. Depending on the layer resolution selected for print, these layers could be very visible, or not.    The… Continue reading Perfectly Smooth Your 3D Prints – But Be Careful!

Zayger Watches

An interesting Kickstarter project involves 3D printing: Zayger Watches are limited run, unique wristwatches. They’re offered in a wide variety of colors, straps and shapes.    The maker, one Shlomo Mockin of Brooklyn, NY, discovered how 3D printing could enable inexpensive production of limited run pieces that could be made into unique wristwatch designs. He… Continue reading Zayger Watches

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Nissan’s Delta Wing Testbed Utilizes Additive Manufacturing

  Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to car design, and Nissan isn’t taking any prisoners with their Deltawing racer.   According to Nissan, the concept behind the Deltawing is “to half the aerodynamic drag, half the power, half the mass, half the fuel consumption, and half the tire consumption [while]… Continue reading Nissan’s Delta Wing Testbed Utilizes Additive Manufacturing

Wirelessly Tag Your 3D Prints

Shapeways announced a very cool feature offered by their 3D print service: NFC tagging. If you haven’t heard of it, NFC stands for “Near Field Communication“, a short-range wireless technology.   NFC is used in key fobs or other security devices. It simply receives a signal and responds with its own unique digital number. With… Continue reading Wirelessly Tag Your 3D Prints

NASA Gets Serious About 3D Printing

A post on Mashable describes the goings-on at NASA where they’re deeply investigating the possibility of using 3D printing technology on future space missions.    As we’ve said before, 3D printing in space could be massively beneficial, as you’d need only bring the printer and some print media with you into space, where you’d simply… Continue reading NASA Gets Serious About 3D Printing

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Feet As Big As You Want

The University of Washington’s Solheim Additive Manufacturing  Laboratory has long experimented in radical approaches to 3D printing and now they’ve shown us another example technique for your 3D printing toolkit: Scaling.    They were approached by the VA Center of Excellence for Limb Loss Prevention and Prosthetic Engineering to assist in the production of a… Continue reading Feet As Big As You Want

A Whale of a 3D Print

It was near the end of a South American expedition for Smithsonian Natural History Museum’s Nicholas D. Pyenson, when he learned fossil whales had been uncovered nearby.    Examining the fossils, which had been uncovered by a road crew constructing a new highway across the Atacama Desert, Pyenson discovered the fossils were of a dozen… Continue reading A Whale of a 3D Print

3D Print A Car In 2500 Hours

You might recall the Urbee – the world’s first 3D printed car, developed in 2011 by Kor EcoLogic? The design of this amazing car pioneered several important 3D printing techniques.    Now Kor EcoLogic is pursuing a second version of the Urbee, with intentions of going into production. Evidently they’ve “worked out the bugs since… Continue reading 3D Print A Car In 2500 Hours

Necessity Causes Invention: A GoPro Scuba Mount

If you’ve never used a GoPro, perhaps you should. It’s an inexpensive but very specialized camera designed to be used outdoors in action situations. It’s the camera on the skydiver’s helmet or hanging from bike handlebars giving us those heart-stopping videos.     As you might imagine, there are an infinite number of possible mounting… Continue reading Necessity Causes Invention: A GoPro Scuba Mount

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3D Printer Starves Astronauts

A science-fictiony proposal in Wired suggests future astro-colonists could feast on dishes prepared by 3D food printers.    The concept seems like a good one; current astronauts are subjected to freeze-dried packets of former food, brought back from the dead by injection of lubricating water. While astros put on a brave face when describing their… Continue reading 3D Printer Starves Astronauts

3D Printed Fish Tags

Perhaps you might not need tags for your fish, but the folks at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) do. They’ve developed a way to 3D print titanium tags for tracking larger fish including Marlin and Tuna.    Titanium was chosen as it does not react to salty ocean water and can withstand… Continue reading 3D Printed Fish Tags

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3D Printed Fashion In Paris Show

\As part of Paris Fashion Week, 3D printing giants Stratasys and Materialise collaborated with noted 3D fashion artist Iris van Herpen on her “VOLTAGE” haute couture show. van Herpen has previously produced fascinating 3D printed fashions and this show continued with some startling and revealing designs.    Two of the eleven pieces made by van… Continue reading 3D Printed Fashion In Paris Show

Thoughts On That 3D Printed Building

Widespread media reports describe a project by Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars, who plans to build a home using 3D printing. He’s actually going to 3D print a house.    The project will use the D-Shape 3D printing technology from Enrico Dino, who previously used this approach to produce a huge sculpture. The D-Shape 3D printer… Continue reading Thoughts On That 3D Printed Building

Open3DP Gets Gummi

Those researchers at the University of Washington took a break from casting ceramics, glass and other inedible substances to experiment instead with more tasty material using “food friendly molds”.    Unfortunately their choice for shape was, um, themselves! They carefully captured full-body scans using a Microsoft Kinect and designed a negative mold and 3D printed… Continue reading Open3DP Gets Gummi

3D Printing For the Hearing Impaired

One of 3D printings greatest strengths is its ability to make customized, one-off products on the fly. In a traditional manufacturing paradigm, creating customizable products is an expensive if not impossible affair. So it should come as no surprise that the medical industry has been dramatically impacted by 3D printing.    While not technically a… Continue reading 3D Printing For the Hearing Impaired

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Augmented 3D Printing

Architects have long used 3D printing as a means to better visualize their design ideas. By 3D printing a building you can “see” it much better than through a 2D screen and thus gain insight you’d otherwise miss.    But the problem is that the 3D model is, well, static. It just sits there. It… Continue reading Augmented 3D Printing

The Form 1 Forms Molds, Too

We’ve seen some incredibly fine 3D prints emerge from the Form 1 resin-based 3D printer and now Formlabs has shown another use of their fascinating device: mold making.    We think the Form 1 would be a tremendous machine for mold making. Why? Because its fine detail provides a big advantage over traditional plastic extrusion… Continue reading The Form 1 Forms Molds, Too

3D Printed Christmas Cookies

It is Christmas today and courtesy of Ralf Holleis we have 3D printed cookies for readers.    Holleis’ team used an UNFOLD Plastruder to 3D print several styles of Rhino-modeled holiday cookies directly onto wax paper. The wax paper allowed the fragile extrusions to be easily moved into an oven for finishing, erm, cooking.   … Continue reading 3D Printed Christmas Cookies

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Ford Equips Engineers With MakerBots

It’s no surprise that engineers at Ford make use of high-power commercial 3D printers; the technology has been in use at major industrial design operations for, well, decades. What is surprising is the revelation that Ford intends to “put the smaller Makerbot replicators at every engineer’s desk in the coming months”, according to a report… Continue reading Ford Equips Engineers With MakerBots

The Most Dangerous Person in 3D Printing

Wired has named their list of the “15 Most Dangerous People In The World”. The list includes some certainly dangerous types, such as Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Mexican drug kingpin of Ciudad Juarez, but also includes some persons of questionable dangerousness, such as the scandalous former Army intelligence officer Paula Broadwell.    One name we… Continue reading The Most Dangerous Person in 3D Printing

Would You 3D Print Your Foetus?

We all know what happens to 3D data: a 3D print emerges soon afterwards. Now a Japanese company has taken 3D information from a medical scanner to enable the production of 3D prints of an unborn foetus.    The process involves a 3D scan of the pregnant customer to capture the required 3D information, including… Continue reading Would You 3D Print Your Foetus?

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Recreating the Ancient Past at Harvard

Museum curators at Harvard’s Semitic Museum are using 3D modeling to undo a part of the destruction of the ancient Iraqi city of Nuzi that was sacked by the Assyrians nearly 3,300 years ago.   Read More at Engineering.com

Rapid Ceramic Engineering

Ben Becker of HotEnd Works described to us the process his company uses to produce industrial-grade ceramic prototypes. Ceramic prototypes have been around for a very long time, but there’s only so much you can do using conventional prototyping tools. Some geometries simply cannot be produced.    However, 3D printed ceramics can replicate any geometry.… Continue reading Rapid Ceramic Engineering

Fashion Design For 3D Printers

If you’re looking for fashion accessories produced on your own 3D printer you may have difficulty finding 3D models in public repositories. Instead you might consider designing 3D fashion accessories yourself – and there’s an Instructables guide to show you how.    Instructables user kaadee404 produced a lengthy set of instructions for producing a Lip… Continue reading Fashion Design For 3D Printers

007’s 3D Printed Cars

Not one, but three 3D printed cars were created for secret agent 007 James Bond for his recent film, Skyfall. No, they weren’t full size, but instead were one third of original size.    The three Aston Martin DB5’s were used for used rather destructively in the film to avoid the expense (and tragedy) of… Continue reading 007’s 3D Printed Cars

Softkill’s Protohouse

We’ve previously written about experiments in 3D printing for building construction and while these experiments have experienced varying degrees of success, there remains the question of “what do you print” if you can build house-sized objects.    That was the question answered by design firm Softkill, whose exhibit at the recent 3D Printshow displayed a… Continue reading Softkill’s Protohouse

Weta’s 3D Printed Hobbit Stuff

We’ve just reviewed a report on film studio Weta’s use of 3D printing technology. Weta is the studio responsible for the upcoming movie, “The Hobbit”, as well as the massively successful Lord of the Rings series.    What are they printing? According to the report, they’re making various custom props for The Hobbit, including “helmets,… Continue reading Weta’s 3D Printed Hobbit Stuff

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3D Printed Eyeglass Frames

Sandra Battistel of Eyespectacle (the “Story behind the frame”) has done a bit of investigation on how eyeglass maker Mykita recently produced the “Mylon”, a unique frame design made through 3D printing.    Battistel takes us through the process used by Mykita, including images of the equipment and frames through the production process. It appears… Continue reading 3D Printed Eyeglass Frames

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Printing Bricks

Fabbaloo readers are most familiar with the idea of 3D printing plastic, metal or sometimes food, but how about bricks? The method of making common ceramic brick for centuries is giving way for an experiment in 3D printing building bricks.    The experiment is being conducted by Building Bytes, who have already designed three styles… Continue reading Printing Bricks

Another Extreme Personalization Experiment

We’ve just been pointed at the JB Figurines Kickstarter project. This is an artistic experiment involving 3D printing and extreme personalization.    The project intends to create a totally unique 3D “superhero” printed figurine for each backer. Each figurine customer will have a designer create a 3D model that will be printed only once on… Continue reading Another Extreme Personalization Experiment

3D Systems Receives U.S. Air Force Rapid Innovation Fund Award

3D Systems Corporation announced that its Paramount advanced manufacturing team  has received a $2.95M award to transition specially engineered materials and the company’s Selective Laser Sintering technology to the production of various components in the F-35 and other weapons systems to improve affordability and sustainability. The two-year project will reduce cost within the manufacturing process… Continue reading 3D Systems Receives U.S. Air Force Rapid Innovation Fund Award

One Way to Reduce 3D Print Warping

One of the persistent issues with many personal 3D printers has been the tendency of ABS plastic to warp. ABS shrinks as it cools, and this all too often means your ABS prints (and sometimes even your allegedly warp-resistant PLA prints) start curling up at the bottom corners while printing, resulting in a distorted model.… Continue reading One Way to Reduce 3D Print Warping

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It’s Magnificently Big!

California artist Cosmo Wenman has created something pretty amazing with his MakerBot Replicator: a replica of a horse head sculpture from the Parthenon in Athens. The first very noticeable aspect of this work is the startlingly realistic bronze patina applied after printing.    The second is the size of the work, as you can see… Continue reading It’s Magnificently Big!

Gigantic Titanium Printing: Aeroswift

A brief press release from CSIR, South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research announced a three-way partnership to develop “titanium powder-based additive layer manufacturing for fabrication of large and complex aerospace components.”   The other partners in this venture are Aerosud, a South African-based aerospace manufacturer and the more well-known Airbus.    CSIR provides… Continue reading Gigantic Titanium Printing: Aeroswift

Rocket Moonlighting Used DMLS to Build Homemade Rockets

Anyone even a little bit interested in rocketry, space travel or just cool engineering should head over to Rocket Moonlighting for a peek into one of the most interesting DIY projects I’ve seen in a while… building homemade rockets!   Read More at Engineering.com

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3D Printed Optics

  We were contacted by Karl D. D. WIllis of the Disney Research Institute, who wished to show us the work they’ve been doing on 3D printing optical mechanisms.    This past June we speculated on the importance of clear materials, but we had no idea how far along researchers have taken the concept. The… Continue reading 3D Printed Optics

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3D Print Your Dream House?

The folks at RepRapCentral have produced a short video demonstrating what could become an interesting application of 3D printing tech: producing tactile 3D models of your dream house.    While the video appears to be a concept print, the idea is to address the uncertainty home buyers face when evaluating possible home designs. At the… Continue reading 3D Print Your Dream House?

De-Extincting a Mollusk

3D printing is an amazing process, not only to simply watch a print appear from thin air, but also for the things it makes possible. We’re reading how a species of mollusk, the multiplacophoran Protobalanus spinicoronatus, extinct for 390 million years has been re-created using 3D printing.    Researchers at the Jackson School of Geosciences… Continue reading De-Extincting a Mollusk

Printing Vascular Structures

While rapid prototyping of mechanical parts is still the mainstay of 3D printing, recent adoption of the technology by biomedical researchers has sparked interest in how additive manufacturing might be used in the future.   Doug Hendrie at Gizmag recently profiled a new advancement that couples 3D printing with tissue engineering.   Read More at… Continue reading Printing Vascular Structures

A 3D Printed Camera – Almost!

The folks at RepRapCentral have just printed what appears to be an entire DSLR system on their MakerBot Replicator. This startling print by Sergey includes the camera body and a permanently attached zoom lens.    However, closer inspection shows that there is no optical lenses in the print, as one would expect.    Nevertheless, as… Continue reading A 3D Printed Camera – Almost!

3D Printed Beaks!

Grist reports on a touching story involving an American Bald Eagle, injured years ago by a poacher’s shotgun, who has had its beak replaced by a 3D printed equivalent.    The injured bird was rescued by animal workers and gradually brought back to health. However, it turns out that the beak is an essential component… Continue reading 3D Printed Beaks!

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Quantum International Invests in 3D House Printing?

An interesting press release came from Quantum International the other day. Quantum appears to be an investment firm specializing in various robotic technology. In their press release they talk of USC Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis’s work in developing large-scale concrete 3D printers capable of 3D printing whole houses. They say:    Quantum International Corp. (OTCBB: QUAN)… Continue reading Quantum International Invests in 3D House Printing?

Rapid Prototyping Reveals Evolutionary Clues

Over at Scientific American’s Observations blog, Kate Wong has an interesting piece about paleoanthropologists using 3D printers to help recreate the skeleton of one of humanity’s ancestors.   Australopithecus sediba, a “nearly two million-year-old” member of Homo Sapien’s evolutionary lineage was discovered at the Malapa Fossil Site in South Africa.  Like most fossils, the bones… Continue reading Rapid Prototyping Reveals Evolutionary Clues

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A 3D Printed Racing Car

While it isn’t the world’s first 3D printed car, it may be the first 3D printed Racing Car. The Areion was designed by 16 engineers from “Group T” as their entry in the Formula Student 2012 Challenge.     Obviously, the entire car was not 3D printed – only the body, which was then attached… Continue reading A 3D Printed Racing Car

Legends of Kalidasia Pioneers A New Approach

Jason Rutherford of Kalidesia contacted us to talk about a new approach he’s taken in his gaming business. Rutherford makes the Legends of Kalidasia game, played with traditional resin and pewter figures. His company manufactures and markets these figures, but he’s concerned about the future. You know, the future where people print out their own… Continue reading Legends of Kalidasia Pioneers A New Approach

3D Systems Brings LAIKA’s ParaNorman to Life

3D Systems Corporation’s ZPrinter 650 is the first ever full-color 3D printer used in a stop-motion animated film, ParaNorman, produced by Portland, Oregon based animation studio LAIKA. Known for integrating innovation with the hand-created artistry of the stop motion technique, LAIKA utilized 3D printing to create over 31,000 individual, color facial parts for production.   … Continue reading 3D Systems Brings LAIKA’s ParaNorman to Life

Cirque Du Soleil 3D Prints?

Fabbaloo has learned that international dance company Cirque Du Soleil uses both 3D scanning and 3D printing technology.    Evidently most of Cirque Du Soleil’s acrobats are 3D scanned and the models are held in a repository. Custom masks and other personal-fitting equipment are 3D printed for each member of the troupe for use in… Continue reading Cirque Du Soleil 3D Prints?

More 3D Printed Shoes

There’s more cool stuff from the folks at Continuum Fashion, who have previously produced a 3D printed Bikini. They’ve now released the “strvct” 3D printed shoes, a mesh-like design printed in nylon. Don’t worry, they are indeed wearable as they include a “patent leather inner sole, and coated with a synthetic rubber on the bottom… Continue reading More 3D Printed Shoes

3D Printing Titanium Bike Parts

There’s a detailed story on Road.cc describing the process of producing a metal dropout bike part using DMLS – Direct Metal Laser Sintering.    Producing bike parts is much like any other product; prototypes must be tested and final versions become mass produced. The problem is that producing prototypes has been time consuming and wasteful… Continue reading 3D Printing Titanium Bike Parts

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Battlefield 3D Printing

In Afghanistan the US Army has deployed the first of several USD$2.8M mobile prototyping labs. These container-sized labs house 3D printers and CNC machines capable of rapidly producing spare or replacement parts that would otherwise take months to order and be delivered using conventional approaches.    The Army has a special unit known as the… Continue reading Battlefield 3D Printing

Google’s 3D Pasta Printer

Incredible as it might seem, Google apparently has a 3D printer in its kitchen – and it produces pasta, according to a report on WebProNews.    In a video interview Google chef Bernard Faucher admits they operate some type of 3D printer in their kitchen to produce unique pasta shapes for hungry Google staffers. Faucher… Continue reading Google’s 3D Pasta Printer

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Emma’s Story… And More

A wonderful story emerged last week when Stratasys published the story of Emma, a young girl with congenital biomechanical problems. She was unable to raise food to her mouth, among other issues.   The story told how Emma’s doctors used 3D printing technology (from Stratasys) to produce a custom-fit armature that fits around Emma’s upper… Continue reading Emma’s Story… And More

Cubify’s Robots

3D Systems now has robots! Well, not actual robots, but instead a system of 3D models that can be assembled into a huge variety of robot shapes. The robot pieces include arms, legs, torsos, etc., but also accessories such as ray guns and backpacks.   The pieces are intended to be assembled and fit together… Continue reading Cubify’s Robots

Hot Pop Factory

Two Toronto architects have used 3D printing technology to start a new business in their own home: designing and manufacturing jewelry. Matthew Compeau and Biying Miao have launched Hot Pop Factory, producer of striking 3D printed jewelry designs. Hot Pop Factory offers inexpensive necklace, earrings and rings based on a consistent design theme.   But… Continue reading Hot Pop Factory

Saving The Past With The Future

Peter at RepRap Central tells a story some of us have lived through, although not nearly as dramatic. The story involves Malcolm Messiter, whose decades-old Robert Goble Harpsichord required some maintenance. Specifically, the string-plucking jacks, made of Delrin, were cracking and needed to be replaced. Worse, there were some 183 such jacks in the harpsichord. … Continue reading Saving The Past With The Future

NASA Testing 3D Printers For Space Use

NASA is taking their Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication (EBF3) technology to the next level, according to a report in The Daily Mail.    EBF3 is a type of 3D printing that uses a high-power electron beam to instantaneously melt metallic wire. The fluid metal is then positioned incrementally to build up arbitrary solid metal objects.… Continue reading NASA Testing 3D Printers For Space Use

3D Printed Weaponry Now Functional

Another first for 3D printing: A pistol constructed from 3D printed parts has been successfully fired.    The gun design was an AR-15, a “a lightweight, 5.56 mm, air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle”, according to Wikipedia. Gun enthusiast HaveBlue selected this configuration due to its small caliber and the uncertainty of whether the 3D printed parts would withstand… Continue reading 3D Printed Weaponry Now Functional


Yet another use for 3D printing: Printing Your Head. Yes, this has been done before quite a few times, but HeadBobble seems to have simplified the process and produces great 3D prints in full color. And you get a Bobblehead!   How does it work? At their website you go through a selection process, where… Continue reading HeadBobble!

WOOF’s 3D Printed Boat

The University of Washington’s WOOF group (Washington Open Object Fabricators) did something we haven’t seen yet: they produced a 3D printed boat that didn’t sink. In fact, it worked well enough to be entered into “Denny’s Seafair Milk Carton Derby”, a boat race.    Hold on, how do milk cartons fit into this scenario? It… Continue reading WOOF’s 3D Printed Boat

A Pair of 3D Print Fashion Designers

Mashable interviews a pair of fashion designers with a twist: they use 21st century techniques to create their items, including web-based fitting, embedded electronics, computational design generation and of course 3D printing.    Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel own Continuum Fashion where they explore the possibilities of applying new technology and techniques to the fashion… Continue reading A Pair of 3D Print Fashion Designers

AirBus Envisions Gigantic 3D Printer?

The designers at Airbus propose creating a giant 80m x 80m 3D printer to produce entire aircraft. Whoa, that’s a near-outrageous statement, but it appears in an article published in Forbes, where Airbus seems to have a rationalization for such a project: their future visions cannot be easily made with conventional manufacturing approaches, as you… Continue reading AirBus Envisions Gigantic 3D Printer?

An Interview With The DreamVendor

Actually we’re not interviewing the DreamVendor itself; instead we’re interviewing Dr. Chris Williams, the Director of the DREAMS Lab at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, the organization that produced the DreamVendor. (Wait, what’s a “DreamVendor”??? Read on and you’ll find out.)    Fabbaloo: We’re wondering what the DREAMS lab is all about? Can… Continue reading An Interview With The DreamVendor

Dinosaur Printing in Detail

There’s a terrific article on The Verge describing all the details of actual Dinosaur printing. That’s the science of 3D scanning dinosaur fossils and using 3D printing technology to produce accurate replicas of the bones.    Why do this? Why not just use the original bones? It turns out there are a number of benefits.… Continue reading Dinosaur Printing in Detail

Foundation Offers Help and Hope to Victims of Orthopedic Trauma

The Foundation for Orthopedic Reconstruction (FOR) is the culmination of two years of planning that heralds an exciting undertaking for the orthopedic and additive manufacturing communities. FOR was developed with a dual mission: To provide patient-specific medical implants at no cost to those in need and to encourage and fund innovative research within the orthopedic… Continue reading Foundation Offers Help and Hope to Victims of Orthopedic Trauma

Bioprinting Advances

Bioprinting is something you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the future. It’s the application of 3D printing for medical purposes.    The idea is to produce human tissue for replacement of damaged portions, but it’s much more complicated than 3D printing simple plastic objects. Not only are you dealing with microscopic bits, but… Continue reading Bioprinting Advances

3D Printed Fish Breeding Gear

We’ve seen many applications of 3D printing to a wide variety of situations, but this one is pretty interesting: Indiana-based research scientist Shane Graber has been using his MakerBot to produce a variety of specialized items for his salt-water fish breeding experiments.    He’s designed an incredibly simple brine hatchery composed of a base that’s… Continue reading 3D Printed Fish Breeding Gear

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Print a Chocolate Brain!

They didn’t actually print a chocolate brain, rather the team from Inition took MRI scan data from their founder Andy Millins and created a 3D model. Once you have a 3D model, as readers know well, you can do some 3D printing.    In this case the team created detailed 3D model of the brain… Continue reading Print a Chocolate Brain!

Ghana Social Centre Aided by 3D Printing

A terrible storm in Ghana badly damaged the Catholic-operated community hall, resulting in the demolition of the ruins. The diocese contracted the replacement build to Munich-based architect Wieland Schimdt, who had to design a structure that used nearby materials, was environmentally friendly and was able to withstand the oppressive tropical heat – both structurally and… Continue reading Ghana Social Centre Aided by 3D Printing

SparkLab: BuildMobile

Of all the Kickstarter-style 3DP projects we’ve seen lately, the SparkLab concept may be the most valuable to society. No, you won’t get a fancy sculpture but you will get the satisfaction of supporting the spread of 3D printing and DIY making knowledge.    What is the SparkLab concept? It’s quite simple. They proponents realized… Continue reading SparkLab: BuildMobile