Choc Creator: Version 2

There’s a new Choc Edge 3D chocolate printer available that’s much improved over their first release: Choc Creator V2.

The Chocabyte 3D Printer

There are several ventures developing edible chocolate 3D printers for the kitchen and Solididea’s Chocabyte is one of them. 

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The Foodini 3D Food Printer

There have been several attempts at 3D food printing, ranging from experimental to limited commercial units, most of which have disappeared. A new venture, the Foodini, might change that pattern. 

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3D Systems is Cooking Up a Chocolate 3D Printer with Hershey’s

3D Systems has fully committed to a food 3D printing strategy. After the surprise announcements of the ChefJet 3D printers, which can print sugar structures in full color (and flavor, too), they’ve announced a joint deal with chocolate conglomerate Hershey’s to develop “innovative opportunities for using 3D printing technology in creating edible foods, including confectionery… Continue reading 3D Systems is Cooking Up a Chocolate 3D Printer with Hershey’s

The Six Challenges of 3D Food Printing

Yesterday we wrote on TNO’s work towards the challenge of 3D printed food. They’ve been experimenting with various processes and even combined their work with that of traditional chefs to create unique high-end dishes.    But from a 3D printing point of view, we see a series of rather difficult challenges that must be worked… Continue reading The Six Challenges of 3D Food Printing

What Will 3D Systems Announce at CES 2014?

We knew 3D Systems was set to make significant announcements at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, but now we have a preview. In a press release they said they would make not one, but TWELVE announcements. This is startling, as they previously announced a dozen or so new items at last month’s EuroMold conference in… Continue reading What Will 3D Systems Announce at CES 2014?

Africa’s Octo-Choco-Printer

We’ve heard about chocolate 3D printers before, but never one like this. Fouche Chocolates of South Africa, and specifically its engineer Hans Fouche has developed an eight-nozzle chocolate printer for producing custom delicacies.    A detailed report on takes you through Fouche’s development process, which explains how the printer is used to create “edible… Continue reading Africa’s Octo-Choco-Printer

Tasting the ChocEdge Chocolate 3D Printer

We had a chance to speak with Christina Zheng, Business Development Director for ChocEdge. It’s one of the very few personal 3D printers capable of extruding chocolate, and perhaps the only one you can easily buy yourself.    The ChocEdge looks much like many other personal 3D printers, until you notice the extruder. It’s basically… Continue reading Tasting the ChocEdge Chocolate 3D Printer

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Design of the Week: A Sweet Crania Anatomica Filigre

This week’s selection is Joshua Harker’s Crania Anatomica Filigre – but with a difference.  Harker’s Crania Anatomica Filigre emerged quite a while ago in a rather successful Kickstarter campaign. But this instance of the Crania Anatomica Filigre is a little different: it’s made entirely from Sugar!   It is the same design, but simply rendered… Continue reading Design of the Week: A Sweet Crania Anatomica Filigre

A 3D Printing Workshop AND Cafe in Buenos Aires

The neighborhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires is known for its restaurants, but this one is somewhat unique: The 3D Lab Fab & Cafe offers patrons not only coffee and food, but also access to 3D printing technology. They say:    In 3DLab Fab&Café we provide you the cutting edge technology of digital fabrication in… Continue reading A 3D Printing Workshop AND Cafe in Buenos Aires

The Sugar Lab’s Sweet Prints

A pair of graduate students from Los Angeles created The Sugar Lab, a new business producing highly creative 3D printed sugar cake toppers.    The two, Kyle and Liz, embarked on their journey by attempting to 3D print a cake for a friend. After much experimentation, they produced a cake topper made from 3D printed… Continue reading The Sugar Lab’s Sweet Prints

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NASA Developing a 3D Food Printer

According to a report in New Scientist, NASA is funding research that could lead to 3D printed food technology. Texas-based Anjan Contractor of Systems and Materials Research Corporation obtained funding from NASA’s Small Business Innovation Research Program to develop a “fully functional” 3D food printer.    The goal of this program is to creat te… Continue reading NASA Developing a 3D Food Printer

Design of the Week: Improved Banana Slicer

This week’s selection is the very practical Improved Banana Slicer, by Thingiverse user Todd Blatt.    What does it do? Well, just take a look at the image and you’ll get the idea. Practical and it involves food, so how could you go wrong?    The design is “Improved” over the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer… Continue reading Design of the Week: Improved Banana Slicer

Get Ready For Real Chocolate 3D Printing

At a recent conference 3D Systems President and CEO Avi Reichental spoke of his company’s efforts to produce a true chocolate 3D printer. While the project was classed as “Not Soon”, it does indicate significant interest in 3D food printing.  We also understand that 3D Systems’ main competitor, Stratasys, has applied for a couple of… Continue reading Get Ready For Real Chocolate 3D Printing

Design of the Week: Strain My Tea

This week’s selection is “Strain My Tea” by Shapeways creator sbf54. This item is both attractive, functional and practical, making it an excellent choice.    Using the teacup is straightforward: pull your teabag into the upper chamber to strain it out and then enjoy your hot beverage.    Strain My Tea is available on Shapeways… Continue reading Design of the Week: Strain My Tea

3D Printed Mammoth Steaks?!

Modern Meadow is 3D bioprinting startup developing a method of 3D printing “meat and leather” ultimately for human consumption. They combine advances in biotech with 3D printing to eliminate the need for real animal food production, which is hugely energy intensive.    Recently Modern Meadow’s Andras Forgacs performed a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). The… Continue reading 3D Printed Mammoth Steaks?!

3D Printer Starves Astronauts

A science-fictiony proposal in Wired suggests future astro-colonists could feast on dishes prepared by 3D food printers.    The concept seems like a good one; current astronauts are subjected to freeze-dried packets of former food, brought back from the dead by injection of lubricating water. While astros put on a brave face when describing their… Continue reading 3D Printer Starves Astronauts

Open3DP Gets Gummi

Those researchers at the University of Washington took a break from casting ceramics, glass and other inedible substances to experiment instead with more tasty material using “food friendly molds”.    Unfortunately their choice for shape was, um, themselves! They carefully captured full-body scans using a Microsoft Kinect and designed a negative mold and 3D printed… Continue reading Open3DP Gets Gummi

3D Printed Christmas Cookies

It is Christmas today and courtesy of Ralf Holleis we have 3D printed cookies for readers.    Holleis’ team used an UNFOLD Plastruder to 3D print several styles of Rhino-modeled holiday cookies directly onto wax paper. The wax paper allowed the fragile extrusions to be easily moved into an oven for finishing, erm, cooking.   … Continue reading 3D Printed Christmas Cookies

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Design of the Week: Mobius Sake Cup

This week’s selected design is Ovidiu Opresco’s Mobius Sake Cup.    How simple is a Sake cup? What could transform such a straightforward object into the unusual?    Ovidiu Opresco’s idea was to blend the concept of a an endless Mobius strip with the cup to create a very unusual piece. The cup is functional… Continue reading Design of the Week: Mobius Sake Cup

The Second Generation Imagine 3D Printer

Essential Dynamics has announced a new version of their non-plastic 3D printer to replace their first model.    The Imagine 3D printer is a little different from most commonly available personal 3D printers. It’s an extrusion based device that doesn’t use melted plastic as its material. Instead the Imagine uses any extrudable substance by mechanically… Continue reading The Second Generation Imagine 3D Printer

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Google’s 3D Pasta Printer

Incredible as it might seem, Google apparently has a 3D printer in its kitchen – and it produces pasta, according to a report on WebProNews.    In a video interview Google chef Bernard Faucher admits they operate some type of 3D printer in their kitchen to produce unique pasta shapes for hungry Google staffers. Faucher… Continue reading Google’s 3D Pasta Printer

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Ice That 3D Cake

The folks at CNCDudez have been experimenting with cakes. Frosting cakes, actually. With a 3D printer. Spokesman Sean says:    We have seen videos showing chocolate being extruded out of a syringe and also cake dough being extruded to make cookies. But we wanted to see if we could Ice a cakes, buns etc etc.… Continue reading Ice That 3D Cake

The BurritoB0t

This is a real 3D printer specifically designed to print delicious burritos – we’re not kidding! The BurritoB0t, a thesis project by maker Marko Manriquez, extrudes combinations of burrito components to dynamically construct, well, a custom-designed burrito.    Technically, the BurritoB0t is a straightforward modification and combination of RepRap-derived technologies. It’s based on the Hadron Bot, which… Continue reading The BurritoB0t

Insects Au Gratin

What might you expect to find at an exhibition entitled, “Insects Au Gratin”.   Why yes, you guess correctly.   This exhibition details 3D food printing, but with a twist: the print material is a flour made from “dried insects combined with soft cheese.” Why would anyone do this? Because:   “Insects Au Gratin looks… Continue reading Insects Au Gratin

3D Print Meat With Your Imagine 3D Printer

We spoke with Essential Dynamics Sales Manager, Stevie Green regarding their new personal 3D printer, the Imagine 3D Printer. As we reported earlier, this printer is unique among ready-to-go assembled personal 3D printers as it uses syringes instead of the more common hot plastic extruders. This means it is capable of printing room-temperature gooey substances,… Continue reading 3D Print Meat With Your Imagine 3D Printer

The Imagine 3D Food Printer

There’s not a lot of information about this intriguing device, but New York-based Essential Dynamics has released their “Imagine 3D Printer”. Now we know you’ve seen a plethora of personal 3D printers explode onto the market in recent months, but this one is different. Very different.    It doesn’t print plastic.    The Imagine uses… Continue reading The Imagine 3D Food Printer

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The RepRap Food

Among the numerous successful and unsuccessful 3D printer kits seeking funding on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter is a rather unusual project: The RepRap Food Printer.    The project goals are to develop a rudimentary food printer based on the trusted RepRap platform. While many food printing experiments have taken place on previous RepRaps and you can… Continue reading The RepRap Food

The Hamburger Shoe

People always get excited about 3D printed food in spite of the fact there are precious few ways to do so. While we await the development of a consumer food printer, others continue to experiment. Shapeways reports on a great experiment in which their member Tristan Bethe 3D scanned his shoe, 3D printed a slightly… Continue reading The Hamburger Shoe

3D Printed Chocolate That Tastes Good

BBC news reports today on scientists at the University of Exeter in the UK who have developed a new chocolate 3D printer. Instead of extruding tasteless plastic, this printer is capable of extruding liquified chocolate into solid – and edible – objects. The process is similar to other extrusion-based 3D printers: squirt and solidify each… Continue reading 3D Printed Chocolate That Tastes Good

Eat Your Face?

Easter is the time when many people eat massive quantities of chocolate, often in the shape of “bunnies”. But what about other representations? MIT researcher David Carr has developed this thought by creating a CNC-like machine that scans your face and carves it into a chunk of chocolate. A chocolate face-printer.    It seems rather… Continue reading Eat Your Face?

3D Food Printing on CNN

We’ve just been informed that CNN has a piece focused on 3D food printing. Reporter Laurie Segall interviews French Culinary Institute Chef David Arnold, who’s been experimenting with a Fab@Home printer, specially modified for printing food items. Not yet any food ingredients, but “any form of paste” as Arnold explains. Arnold says they’ve experimented with cake… Continue reading 3D Food Printing on CNN

3D Printed Food Futures

We’ve been thinking some more about 3D printed food after yesterday’s post, and wondered what the future might look like if reasonably capable food printers really existed. Here’s some thoughts:   If they were low cost, we’d find them in most kitchens and restaurants. Why not? People pay huge sums for fancy ovens and other… Continue reading 3D Printed Food Futures

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Printed Meats!

Following up on last week’s post regarding the amazing feats of the Cornell Computational Synthesis Lab’s work on Food Printing, this week they have more spectacular announcements. They’ve been working with the French Culinary Institute to produce what is perhaps the most advanced forms of printed food yet.    In this example they’ve managed to… Continue reading Printed Meats!

Hydrocolloid Printed Food

Researchers from Cornell University have been exploring a new angle on food printing: the use of hydrocolloids. What the heck is that? From their paper:   Using a novel combination of hydrocolloids (xanthium gum and gelatin) and flavor agents, texture and flavor can be independently tuned to produce printing materials that simulate a broad range… Continue reading Hydrocolloid Printed Food

3D Printed Kitchen

This week has seen several articles on Food Printing, and today we can tell you that not only can the food be printed, but so can the Entire Restaurant! Instructables Restaurant is the first open source restaurant in the world. Everything you see, use and eat is downloaded from It’s an experiment in internet… Continue reading 3D Printed Kitchen

The Atomic Kitchen

For some reason there seems to be increasing mentions of “Food Printing” recently, including an article in The Independent. We’re all for that, being a hungry lot here at Fabbaloo. Today’s FoodPrint comes once again from Wallpaper, where they’ve posted an amazing vision of 3D Food Printing potential. The Philip’s molecular gastronomy concept is perhaps… Continue reading The Atomic Kitchen

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Chocolate Printing

For some reason this week a wave of chocolate fever passed through the Fabbaloo offices. After gorging on several delectable chocobars, we wondered about the current state of 3D chocolate printing. Certainly we saw early experiments by the Fab@Home folks, but what else is happening? After some searching, we encountered ChocALM: Customized Chocolate Made by Additive… Continue reading Chocolate Printing

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The MIT Food Printer

MIT’s Fluid Interfaces Group is working on the design of a concept device that if made popular, would revolutionize how we cook, eat and even socialize. The device shown above (and don’t get your hopes up, that’s merely a conceptual image) would store a variety of raw food elements in cartridges. The cartridges would be… Continue reading The MIT Food Printer

Moléculaire: The 3D Molecular Food Printer

Electrolux Design Lab is an annual competition where some truly amazing designs emerge. This year a 3D printer showed up among the various science fiction appliances. The idea is to pop open the top and insert a cartridge containing the print material, erm, the “food”. At the lower end a print head moves about the… Continue reading Moléculaire: The 3D Molecular Food Printer

Dreaming of 3D Food

We’ve written on the concept of a chocolate printer, and others have produced candy objects, and perhaps even eaten them. But blogger Andy Skeleton goes quite a bit farther, as he ponders various possibilities offered by 3D Food Printing. Among his perhaps not-so-crazy ideas: Print ice cream in layers containing messages, such that the “eater”… Continue reading Dreaming of 3D Food

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