3D Printing Survey

We just noticed an online survey of 3D printing usage that readers may be interested in filling out.    Created by Spanish mechanical/product engineer JulioHCD, the survey is intended to assist in his research:    I have been involved in 3D print for building product models and prototypes…My interests include design inspired by nature, plastic… Continue reading 3D Printing Survey

A 3D Printing Matrix

We’ve received a very cool chart from Tuan Tranpham containing most of the current 3D printing ecosystem, including all the related functions (Scanning, Printing, Software, etc) mapped into different categories of consumer and various levels of industrial.    Yes, the chart is a bit hard to read here, but click on the image to see… Continue reading A 3D Printing Matrix

A 3D Printing Infographic

Sharing site Hightable offers a new infographic showing many details of the current state of 3D printing, including process overview, growth and industry usage. Here you see only a small extract; click the link below for the full version.    Via Hightable

How to Pick a 3D Printer Material

I’ve written two blog posts about the importance of materials to the future of 3D printing. The bottom line is that without a material that performs as needed, speed, cost and quality are irrelevant. Read More at Engineering.com

Master’s Degree in Direct Manufacturing Offered

We’ve learned that the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona now offer a Master’s Degree in Direct Manufacturing and New Materials for product design.    The new spanish-language program begins this October, when study in “New Materials” begins. This is followed by study in “New Production Processes” in… Continue reading Master’s Degree in Direct Manufacturing Offered

3D Printing in the USA

It’s interesting to read about 3D printing, but sometimes it’s just a whole lot better to visualize things. That’s precisely what 3DP blogger Nadra Angerman did when she produced this fascinating infographic that attempts to show many of the 3D printing establishments across the USA. Check out the full infographic at the link below.   … Continue reading 3D Printing in the USA

Fashion and Jewelry 3D Printing Workshop

Interested in fashion or jewelry design? Want to do it with 3D printing technology? If so, you may want to attend one of the workshops taking place at ELISAVA, School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona.   There are two five-day workshops scheduled, one from 23-27 July and a second edition from 10-14 September of… Continue reading Fashion and Jewelry 3D Printing Workshop

Hod Lipson in The Inquirer

There’s a terrific interview with 3D printing researcher Hod Lipson of Cornell University in The Inquirer.   Lipson discusses his life and how it led him to performing advanced research on 3D printing and related technologies. He talks about how 3D printing technology is sometimes viewed mistakenly by the general public:    Lipson says people… Continue reading Hod Lipson in The Inquirer

An Introduction to Dental 3D Printing

Many of our readers are operate or are keenly interested in personal 3D printers, but they are also aware that 3D printing was originally used for industrial uses. One of those uses is in dentistry, where “personalized fit” is essential. Creating one-time unique dental shapes is the business of dentists and 3D printing technology is… Continue reading An Introduction to Dental 3D Printing

Tutorial: Fix Your Messed Up 3D Scan

If you ever try to do 3D scanning at home using the rudimentary tools now available, you’ll quickly realize it isn’t particularly easy. Sure, the capture part of the job is relatively straightforward, but the clean up phase is often quite difficult.    Typical raw scans contain not only stray data points and somewhat inaccurately… Continue reading Tutorial: Fix Your Messed Up 3D Scan

3D Printing Movie Props At Home

We just finished reviewing a rather interesting Instructable detailing the steps you’d take to produce a complete, wearable Iron Man mask with your 3D printer (with some red and gold paint, of course).    Maker samohtep takes you through the process of developing the model, printing the pieces, painting, finishing and assembly. The result is… Continue reading 3D Printing Movie Props At Home

Open3DP Goes Closed3DP?

The folks at the University of Washington who’ve been doing stellar work researching 3D printing in concrete, ceramics, glass and other unusual materials have gone dark, so to speak.    It appears that the suits at their university have issued new rules regarding participation with outside groups. Specifically, they say:   it has become increasingly… Continue reading Open3DP Goes Closed3DP?

A Visit to the ITC

You’re looking at a picture of Stephen McKendry-Smith of Manitoba’s Industrial Technology Centre. This organization is a government-funded operation dedicated to economic development, particularly in the use of new technologies such as 3D printing.    The ITC now has a Dimension SST1200es onsite that they use to demonstrate 3D printing concepts and technology to interested… Continue reading A Visit to the ITC

Defeating Warping

If there’s one thing that personal 3D printer operators dislike, it must be the evils of warping. Warping, the phenomenon that occurs when a coincidence of material, temperatures, extruder speed and stretching results in printed models that have curled up corners. Typically warping is much more prevalent with ABS plastic and this may have led… Continue reading Defeating Warping

BotMill Makes Some Moves

3D Printer kit manufacturer BotMill has been making some serious moves to expand their business in the past while. In a discussion with BotMill Chief Gil Mayron, it was revealed that:    BotMill now has a bigtime reseller on their team: Robot Shop, who now offer BotMill’s Axis 3D printer for sale on their heavily… Continue reading BotMill Makes Some Moves

3D Buried Treasure

Seattle’s Matt Westervelt contacted us to explain a new initiative being undertaken by Metrix Create:Space. They’re concerned with the skills required to successfully perform powder-based 3D printing. According to Matt:   3D powder-based printing is more than designing something digitally and pulling it out of a machine.  There is skill involved in removing the excess… Continue reading 3D Buried Treasure

Replicating The Volcano

Students at Clevedon School in North Somerset made a volcano. A tiny one – based on NASA 3D data they downloaded and converted into a 3D model. The model was then pushed through a Bits From Bytes RapMan, giving the students the opportunity to see and touch the shape of an actual volcano. In this… Continue reading Replicating The Volcano

3D Printed Bridge Holds 146X Its Own Weight

Students at the Rochester Institute of Technology Statics Lab were challenged to build a truss out of any non-metallic material, with the winning design being the one holding up the most weight.   While other students opted for traditional materials such as bamboo or wood, student Kyle Manchester remembered there was a Dimension 3D printer… Continue reading 3D Printed Bridge Holds 146X Its Own Weight

Aluminum Bronze Casting Succeeds

Open3DP’s experimentation with metalcasting molds has paid off: one of their experimental hydroperm molds was used in traditional metalcasting (in this case poured aluminum bronze) at the Port Townsend Foundry and the successful results are apparent in the image above. According to Laura West and Dave Feathers:   The mold was placed in a greensand… Continue reading Aluminum Bronze Casting Succeeds

Students Race 3D Printed Cars

The Utah Valley University recently held a competition in which students designed “pinewood derby” style race cars – and then printed them out for actual racing. This derby began in 2008, when Professor David Manning of their Engineering Graphics & Design Technology department managed to convince the budgeteers to acquire a Dimension 3D printer.   … Continue reading Students Race 3D Printed Cars

Cool Stuff Collective Covers 3D Printing

The Cool Stuff Collective is a new UK-based kids show, where, well, “cool stuff” is demonstrated to children by well-known presenter Sy Thomas. In their first episode of September 13th of this year, they demonstrated 3D printing, but in a followup on September 20th they showed a related technology: haptic design. We’ve covered haptics previously,… Continue reading Cool Stuff Collective Covers 3D Printing

Dimension’s STARBASE

3D printer manufacturer Dimension is contributing back to the community by working with STARBASE Minnesota on a way to deeply involve students in the process of 3D manufacturing. The students, from Minneapolis area public schools, are shown problems, data and techniques and they work out solutions.    One of their projects has been to design… Continue reading Dimension’s STARBASE

3D Systems’ Print In 3D

It’s a brand new site just announced by industry giant 3D Systems: all you need to know about 3D printing all bundled together in one place. “Your 3D Printer Source”, is the tagline, and integrates all their material “into a contemporary, intuitive destination serving customers, prospects and partners with a secure, 24-hour online presence”  … Continue reading 3D Systems’ Print In 3D

The Columbus Idea Foundry

The Columbus Idea Foundry is one of many community workshops that keep popping up all over the globe. Their mission:   The “Idea Foundry” is intended to serve those in the community who express interest in art, design, engineering, and fabrication but have not yet found a viable outlet for exploring such a complex combination… Continue reading The Columbus Idea Foundry

Do You Need an Atomic Force Microscope?

Sure, everyone needs an AFM! But what is it? From Wikipedia:   Atomic force microscopy (AFM) or scanning force microscopy (SFM) is a very high-resolution type of scanning probe microscopy, with demonstrated resolution on the order of fractions of a nanometer, more than 1000 times better than the optical diffraction limit. The precursor to the… Continue reading Do You Need an Atomic Force Microscope?

Ice Printing

We know it’s spring and things are warming up (at least on the top side of our planet), but it’s time to talk about ice. Specifically, ice printing. Along with numerous other print materials, plain water can now be added to the list.    The “computer assisted ice printing” experiment was developed by professors and… Continue reading Ice Printing

3D Print and Design Workshop in Seattle

Wulf Design owner and 3D print blogger Larry James is offering a “3D Print & Design Workshop” on April the 24th, for any readers in the Seattle vicinity. The session is being offered through the Seattle Free School.    In the four-hour session, Larry will provide an introduction to 3D printing using a MakerBot printer (perhaps his… Continue reading 3D Print and Design Workshop in Seattle

The Khan Academy

During the course of your 3D object design, you might require some knowledge you don’t have, or perhaps have forgotten. Don’t worry – there’s a free service you can use to catch up: The Khan Academy. It’s a website jammed full of great short videos on a wide variety of topics, including many scientific areas… Continue reading The Khan Academy

RapMan Wins BETT Award

A1 Technologies, the makers of The RapMan, an inexpensive 3D printer kit targeted at the educational market, recently won the BETT award in the  Digital Devices category for their Bits From Bytes kit. The BETT Awards recognize “the best in educational technology solutions”.   The Bits From Bytes “complete” kit is priced at £750.00 and… Continue reading RapMan Wins BETT Award

The Tyee on 3D Printing

There’s a long article introducing 3D printing concepts appearing at The Tyee, a British Columbia-based electronic newsmagazine: “The Replicator, No Longer a Star Trek Dream”. The article contains interviews with Neil Gershenfeld, Director of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, Adrian Bowyer, inventor of the RepRap, Fab Lab users, a RepRap owner, University of Missouri… Continue reading The Tyee on 3D Printing

3D Printer “Gym” Opens in Philly

NextFab Studio opens a new workshop for innovators today in Philadelphia at the University City Science Center. The workshop comprises some 3,600 square feet of space filled with various modern manufacturing tools, including laser cutters and of course 3D printers. Use of the facility, which operates much like a neighbourhood gym, is by membership, which… Continue reading 3D Printer “Gym” Opens in Philly

One Blue Ring

The guys at Open3DP seem to have made a breakthrough in their quest to develop glass-based 3D printing. Every week they seem to make progress, and this week we see a “semi translucent blue glass ring”.    There’s no details on their blog to describe how they managed to create this magical item, but if… Continue reading One Blue Ring

MakerBot Introduction Video

Yeah, we keep talking about MakerBot. But this wonderful video introduces the MakerBot concept and how it arose from Maker Culture. There’s plenty of other highly interesting (but unrelated) videos to watch, too. Enjoy!   Via Babelgum