Solidoodle 2 Announced

Readers may recall the original Solidoodle 3D printer. Now you can buy the Solidoodle 2, an improved version for sale at a price under USD$500. The new 3D printer’s price is its most amazing feature. At USD$499, that’s pretty much the lowest you can spend to buy a pre-assembled personal 3D printer that really works. … Continue reading Solidoodle 2 Announced

The Asiga 3D Printer

With all the chatter recently surrounding inexpensive high-resolution resin 3D printers, we encountered a commercial resin 3D printer worthy of mention. The Asiga Pico is a relatively low-priced unit that not only provides high resolution models, but also has a very friendly footprint.    The device weighs only 10Kg (22 lbs) and has a floor… Continue reading The Asiga 3D Printer

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BotMill Drops Pricing

We were just informed by BotMill chief Gil Mayron that they’ve changed pricing for their Axis 3D printer kit.    The Axis 3D printer kit, based on the RepRap design, is now offered officially for USD$999, breaking the important USD$1,000 barrier.    This kit includes not only the printer parts, but also all tools required… Continue reading BotMill Drops Pricing

Veloso 3D Printer Update

In an unusual post by Junior Veloso, the inventor attempts to clarify the nature of the shockingly powerful 3D printer his company is now developing.    Evidently the project has been questioned by many who wonder about the quality and cost of the build kit. The kit is set to cost a rather scary USD$4,000.… Continue reading Veloso 3D Printer Update

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Resin-Based 3D Printer Developments

We’ve observed a few developments in resin-based 3D printing recently. While most personal 3D printers today use the fused deposition modeling approach (melted plastic squirted in a precise path, layer by layer), the resin approach is very different and in many ways offers advantages.    The resin approach involves light-curable liquid resin. Simply illuminate the… Continue reading Resin-Based 3D Printer Developments

Rapidshape’s 3D Printers

Have you heard of Rapidshape’s line of 3D printers? The one year old German-based company markets several units that focus on jewelry development, as they have significant experience in the lost wax casting process.    Rapidshare currently offers three different models: the S60 mini, midi and maxi. These printers use a photo-sensitive resin to form… Continue reading Rapidshape’s 3D Printers

HP Launches a New 3D Printer. Not!

We suddenly awoke to read the startling headline: “HP launches new 3D printer” and envisioned a grand update to HP’s long-term relationship with Stratasys. Perhaps a new low-cost 3D printer is now available? Maybe even a consumer version?    Um, no.    They launched the HP Topshot Laserjet Pro M275 in the UAE today. What… Continue reading HP Launches a New 3D Printer. Not!

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Fabbster Beta Launch

The mysterious Fabbster 3D printer that we first wrote about last year is becoming less mysterious. The device, made by German-based Sintermask GmbH is about to be launched in a beta program.    First, here’s the highlights of the new 3D printer:   Large build envelope: 23 x 23 x 21 cm Incredible print speed… Continue reading Fabbster Beta Launch

The $300 Desktop 3D Printer?

Another 3D printer startup has emerged: the Makibox A6, billed as: “The $300 Desktop 3D Printer”. The project is led by Jon Buford, who hopes to raise USD$40,000 by the end of February through the funding site Makible. Buford says: “we’ve set out to build the most affordable, compact, and easy to use 3D printer… Continue reading The $300 Desktop 3D Printer?

3D Print Meat With Your Imagine 3D Printer

We spoke with Essential Dynamics Sales Manager, Stevie Green regarding their new personal 3D printer, the Imagine 3D Printer. As we reported earlier, this printer is unique among ready-to-go assembled personal 3D printers as it uses syringes instead of the more common hot plastic extruders. This means it is capable of printing room-temperature gooey substances,… Continue reading 3D Print Meat With Your Imagine 3D Printer

The Imagine 3D Food Printer

There’s not a lot of information about this intriguing device, but New York-based Essential Dynamics has released their “Imagine 3D Printer”. Now we know you’ve seen a plethora of personal 3D printers explode onto the market in recent months, but this one is different. Very different.    It doesn’t print plastic.    The Imagine uses… Continue reading The Imagine 3D Food Printer

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The Galileo 3D Printer

There is no shortage of 3D printer kits recently, as it seems everyone is now jumping on the RepRap model to develop improvements of one kind or another. We noticed yet another one today: The Galileo 3D Printer, featured on Instructables and designed by the KentStrapper team.    While the Galileo is essentially a RepRap… Continue reading The Galileo 3D Printer

More on Cubify

As we mentioned the other day, 3D Systems was set to announce something big at CES and they did: plenty of details on the new Cubify system are now available. Cubify is a very comprehensive 3D printing “system” involving a new personal printer, 3D print services, an online community, a model repository, an API and… Continue reading More on Cubify

MakerBot Announces The Replicator

We anticipated some announcement action this week coinciding with the annual Consumer Electronics show and we were definitely not disappointed. Today we find 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot has announced a brand-new personal 3D printer: The Replicator!   The replicator appears to be much more capable but also strongly based upon its predecessor the venerable Thing-O-Matic.… Continue reading MakerBot Announces The Replicator

The Prusa Air

The standard RepRap 3D printer designs are made to be changed and many inventors have developed modifications to improve them in various ways. One such design is Mecano’s Prusa Air, a modification of the standard Mendel design. The otherwise unrelated Prusa design provided the inspiration for the new Prusa Air through its radical efficiencies, hence… Continue reading The Prusa Air

The RepRap Food

Among the numerous successful and unsuccessful 3D printer kits seeking funding on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter is a rather unusual project: The RepRap Food Printer.    The project goals are to develop a rudimentary food printer based on the trusted RepRap platform. While many food printing experiments have taken place on previous RepRaps and you can… Continue reading The RepRap Food

Printrbot Hits The Jackpot

Projects appearing on the Kickstarter public venture funding service sometimes surprise everyone with their success, but Printrbot’s results seem to make all others look bad. Their concept for a personal 3D printer was presented on Kickstarter in hopes of raising enough cash to produce a number of units and launch their business. But get this… Continue reading Printrbot Hits The Jackpot

BotMill Holiday Discounts

BotMill announced some serious discounts on their personal 3D printers just in time for holiday shopping.    The discounts apply to both their Axis kit and assembled Glider 3D printer. The kit is discounted USD$100 to USD$990 and the Glider is discounted USD$175 to only USD$1,320. Not only that, but they’ve also now include a… Continue reading BotMill Holiday Discounts

The New Buildatron

Buildatron has released a new version of their attractive personal 3D printer, the Buildatron Series 2. Like its predecessor, the Series 2 includes that very cool wedge-shaped metal case we believe is unique among personal 3D printers. But what’s different about this version as compared to the Series 1? Here’s what we found:   Series… Continue reading The New Buildatron

Think You Have A Big 3D Printer?

We were contacted by Kalispell, Montana-based The Future Is 3-D after our recent post on build sizes. The post discussed the ultimately not useful statistic of cost per build size. Nevertheless, this small company has been making RepRap Mendel-based 3D printers for over a year and specializes in large build sizes. They’re not kidding, either,… Continue reading Think You Have A Big 3D Printer?

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MAKE Makes a MakerGear

There are two kinds of personal 3D printer owners these days: those who like to build the printer from a kit and those who’d rather pay more for an assembled version.     If you’re one of the former, you’ll be interested to know that MAKE Magazine is running a series of detailed posts describing… Continue reading MAKE Makes a MakerGear

Up! 3D Printers On Sale

Want an Up! personal 3D printer? This just might be the right time to buy if you are located in the USA as they’re on sale.    Up3DUSA / X-Object has a special holiday deal underway. The first 100 buyers get an astonishing ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS OFF their purchase. This takes the price from USD$3,250… Continue reading Up! 3D Printers On Sale

The FELIX 1.0 3D Printer

We simply can’t keep up with all the new low-cost 3D printer kits coming out these days, but we’ll tell you what we know about another: The FELIX 1.0, made by (of course) FELIX Printers. As this is a brand new 3D printer we don’t know a lot about it. However, scanning through their material… Continue reading The FELIX 1.0 3D Printer

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Printrbot Exemplifies Ingenuity

We’ve seen a series of experimental personal 3D printers emerge over the past year, some on the KickStarter online funding service. Each experiment has an interesting idea that improves on the ideas of others, gradually moving the state of the art forward.    Printrbot, made by builder Brook Drumm, includes some very interesting features, not… Continue reading Printrbot Exemplifies Ingenuity

BFB Updates the Rapman

The venerable Rapman personal 3D printer has had a bit of an update, the first, we believe, since BFB was acquired by 3D Systems. The new version, 3.2, includes a few improvements on an already terrific 3D printer kit for assembly. Here’s what we see:    Touchscreen interface, likely replicated from the Rapman’s big brother,… Continue reading BFB Updates the Rapman

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The Fabbster 3D Printer

A new personal 3D printer has suddenly emerged at this week’s Euromold conference: The Fabbster.    The company behind Fabbster is Germany-based Sintermask, makers of larger commercial powder-based 3D printers. They say they wish to give everyone the power to make things at home: “Join the Revolution”. It appears that they’re now venturing into the… Continue reading The Fabbster 3D Printer

Homemade Stereolithography?

Dissatisfied with your plastic extrusion-based home 3D printer? Looking for a mechanical build challenge? Perhaps you’d be interested in checking out the Laser 3D Printer on Instructables.    This project describes how to build a stereolithography (SLA) machine. You should know, however, that the SLA build process is quite different from typical RepRap-style 3D printers… Continue reading Homemade Stereolithography?

Size Counts?

We often hear people asking the question “How big an object can you print on that thing?” The answer depends on which personal 3D printer you’re talking about, because they vary in size considerably. The public’s thinking seems to be “bigger is better”. We’re not so sure.    Not only do personal 3D printers vary… Continue reading Size Counts?

BotMill Glider Updated

It seems that being acquired by 3D Systems is not a bad thing, at least for the manufacturers of the BotMill Glider personal 3D printer. The BotMill Glider has just been updated to include a few new features that we found interesting:   0.35mm extruder nozzle Accepts 1.75mm plastic filament (including both PLA and ABS… Continue reading BotMill Glider Updated

Up! Is Up!Graded!

The busy technical folks at PP3DP have just released an upgraded Up! 3D printer. The popular personal 3D printer is one of the favorites for home users due to its ease of use and very high-quality output. But what’s new on the upgraded machine?    They’ve changed quite a few things, but these caught our… Continue reading Up! Is Up!Graded!

The iModela IM-01 “3D Printer”

We’ve been reading a ton of posts from various online services talking about Japan-based Roland’s new “iModela 3D Printer”. This fully assembled device is able to produce 3D objects upon command and retails for under USD$1000. The iModela IM-01 comes with software to design your objects, a travel case and there’s even an online community… Continue reading The iModela IM-01 “3D Printer”

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More on the 3D Systems Projet 1500

We’ve obtained some additional information about 3D Systems’ new low-cost commercial color 3D printer, the Projet 1500. Priced at slightly under USD$15,000, this device has quite a few very interesting features that we noticed while perusing 3D Systems’ documentation. Here’s the highlights of our scan through their material:    Front panel has a window for… Continue reading More on the 3D Systems Projet 1500

More on the Solidoodle 3D Printer

After yesterday’s post on the new Solidoodle 3D printer, we spoke with team leader Sam Cervantes, who answered some key questions were pondering.    Fabbaloo: Why another 3D printer? Aren’t there several for sale already? What makes Solidoodle different?    Sam Cervantes: Some people love to put complicated machines together and that’s great – it’s… Continue reading More on the Solidoodle 3D Printer

The Solidoodle 3D Printer

Yet another inexpensive 3D printer has emerged: the Solidoodle. The amusingly named device is unique because it is, as far as we can tell, the only fully assembled personal 3D printer currently available at a price under USD$1000: their price is only USD$699. But that’s their introductory price. The final price is no doubt a… Continue reading The Solidoodle 3D Printer

The Mosaic 3D Printer

MakerGear, that wonderful online source for all kinds of 3D printing goodness, launched the Mosaic 3D Printer this past summer. The Mosaic is similar to several other inexpensive 3D printer kits. This item comes in three forms:    The basic kit, for USD$799 The “Plus” version for USD$999, which adds a heated build platform and… Continue reading The Mosaic 3D Printer

More on the 3DTouch 3D Printer

After yesterday’s announcement from 3D Systems / BFB on their new 3DTouch printer, we sought additional details. Today we’ve learned a few more things about this very interesting device, including why it’s called the “3DTouch”. Check out the much more detailed image above (click for larger view). Here’s our latest findings:     The “touch”… Continue reading More on the 3DTouch 3D Printer

Origo, The 3D Printer for Kids

You might think 3D printing is hard. Well, it certainly can be. But now Artur Tchoukanov and Fabbaloo friend Joris Peels’ new venture Origo attempts to change all that. They’re making Origo – a 3D printer specifically designed for children. Imagine what ten-year olds could do with a 3D printer!    The question we’d immediately… Continue reading Origo, The 3D Printer for Kids

RepRap Price Points

Neil Underwood posted a great summary of pricing options for getting your own RepRap 3D printer. His analysis shows three different price levels, ranging from a full-on everything-you’d-possibly-want version for USD$850 to a very basic, just-enough-to-say-you-did-it USD$350 version. There’s also a more practical level at USD$550 for a “realistically cheap prusa model”.    Be sure… Continue reading RepRap Price Points

Homemade Stereo Lithography

Maker Rob Hopeless developed a primitive stereo lithography 3D printer. For those unfamiliar with “SLA”, it’s a 3D printing technique involving shooting a laser beam at a vat of liquid plastic resin and gradually solidifying that resin into the desired solid object. While most hobbyists attempt to make thermal plastic extruder-based 3D printers, Rob attempted… Continue reading Homemade Stereo Lithography

Up! Gets A Stepper

PP3DP, makers of the popular Up! personal 3D printer announced they’re upgrading their filament feeder in a significant way. Their original feeder involved a DC motor and mechanical switch, which limits the accuracy of prints as the DC motor takes a while to start up and spin down when electricity is applied. This means you’re… Continue reading Up! Gets A Stepper

Big Robot Comes to Life

Those guys at Metrix Create:Space think big. Really big. This time their experiment is to create the “Big Robot”, a rather large HDPE-extruding 3D printer.    They’re not building it from scratch, but rather they’ve adapted an ancient DynaCNC 1000 router table by replacing the cutter with an enormous RepRap-style extruder. This massive extruder is… Continue reading Big Robot Comes to Life

Hi Res Home 3D Printer Update

We’re perusing Junior Veloso’s blog – he’s the fellow who’s developing a very high-resolution personal 3D printer. The device is quite different from most home RepRap-derived 3D printers in that it doesn’t heat and extrude plastic. Instead, Veloso’s printer uses light to solidify resin, layer by layer. The results are pretty amazing – click the… Continue reading Hi Res Home 3D Printer Update

Concrete Printing at Loughborough U

Principle Investigator Dr. Richard Buswell of Loughborough University in the UK  leads a project to develop a method of 3D printing concrete building components that’s been ongoing for several years. The components could potentially accommodate pre-made services, such as piping or electrical. The project will also enable the production of building geometries not easily done… Continue reading Concrete Printing at Loughborough U

All About Ultimaker

Jon Kalish digs deep into the history and motivation behind the development of the amazing Ultimaker 3D printer in a new Make magazine article. Ultimaker, created by Erik De Bruijn and Martijn Elserman, was an attempt to create a better 3D printer based on the RepRap model – but they soon discovered they could start… Continue reading All About Ultimaker

eMaker Increases Capacity in an Unusual Way

You’ll recall that 3D printer manufacturer eMaker recently ran an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to kickstart their company. The campaign was wildly successful, raising not their intended USD$30K, but instead well over USD$158K!    Today they’ve announced a change in their manufacturing strategy that permits them to produce not 150 machines as was originally… Continue reading eMaker Increases Capacity in an Unusual Way

A 3D Printer Made of LEGO?

It’s true – Instructables user graphmastur has designed a RepRap-style 3D printer entirely out of LEGO parts. While he was obviously unable to attach a high-temp plastic extruder, he has included a common Sharpie marker pen instead. This enables the LEGO 3D printer to operate as a pen plotter.    Why is graphmastur doing this?… Continue reading A 3D Printer Made of LEGO?

eMAKER Hits The Jackpot

The other week we wrote of eMAKER’s crowdsourced fundraising initiative to kick start their production of a low-priced entry-level 3D printer kit. They hoped to raise up to USD$30,000 by July 1st. They kinda did that. And more.   They closed out at USD$158,685.    That’s 5.2895 times their target!   We’re amazed at the level… Continue reading eMAKER Hits The Jackpot

X-Object Sells Up!

We’ve just noticed another reseller of PP3DP’s Up! personal 3D printer: [x]Object. Shipment apparently starts today, July 1st, and pricing is organized around three bundles that we haven’t yet seen from other Up! resellers. The bundles are:    UP! Start Plus USD$2950. This appears to be close to the same Up! models sold elsewhere. UP!… Continue reading X-Object Sells Up!

The Solar Sinter Project

While home 3D printers typical heat/melt plastic to produce objects, Markus Kayser has developed an eco-friendly 3D printer for “desert manufacturing” using only sand as the print material.    The Solar Sinter focuses the heat of the sun to a small point using a large, sun-tracking fresnel lens. The focal point is so hot it… Continue reading The Solar Sinter Project

The BotMill Axis PLUS Assembled 3D Printer

Speaking of assembled 3D printers, which seems to be a sudden trend in the hobby 3D printer industry lately, there’s another one you might want to consider: the BotMill Axis PLUS. This RepRap-based device is priced at only USD$1195, far lower than other assembled 3D printers. Well, it’s not *completely* assembled. BotMill says: “All you… Continue reading The BotMill Axis PLUS Assembled 3D Printer

The RepRap’s Heritage

The eyechart above (click for a larger, almost readable view) represents the family tree for virtually all low-cost 3D printers today. Almost all of them were derived directly or indirectly from the original RepRap project. We’ve written about many of these devices over the past few years, and we expect that this family tree will… Continue reading The RepRap’s Heritage

eMAKER Sells The Huxley

Yet another source for RepRap-based hobby 3D printers has emerged: eMAKER. They’re producing Huxley kits in several configurations (including one with no printed parts for those who already have a 3D printer and wish to produce as much of their new Huxley as possible themselves.)    The kit isn’t quite official. eMAKER is running a… Continue reading eMAKER Sells The Huxley

Big News From MakerBot

In a huge departure from their standard approach, MakerBot is now offering a completely assembled Thing-O-Matic 3D printer option! Previously, MakerBot offered only kits and focused heavily on those who enjoy assembling them. But now there’s an option for people who feel printer assembly is beyond their abilities or time.    The assembled Thing-O-Matic contains… Continue reading Big News From MakerBot

The BFB 3000 Plus

BFB’s already-assembled inexpensive 3D printer has now become the BFB 3000 Plus. The new version is very similar to the original BFB 3000, but has several enhancements.    Our understanding is that the Plus’s improvements focus on two aspects: simplifying ease of use and machine quality. The machine’s print bed is easier to adjust and… Continue reading The BFB 3000 Plus

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The Teeniest 3D Printer?

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have produced what they believe to be the world’s smallest 3D printer. This device is “about the size of a milk carton”, and should cost only €1200. The resin-based printer (which solidifies each of the object’s layers successively in a vat of plastic resin with LEDs) has a… Continue reading The Teeniest 3D Printer?

The Mysterious BluePrinter

We’ve found another 3D printer manufacturer: the Denmark-based BluePrinter, but we can’t tell you much about it. The only information is a one-page website that not only includes the logo above, but also this enticing description:    Blueprinter develops a 3D printer, which is based on Selective Heat Sintering (SHS). The proprietary SHS technology produces… Continue reading The Mysterious BluePrinter

Hands On With The BFB 3000: Unboxing and Setup

Fabbaloo Labs has obtained a brand-new, two-headed BFB 3000 3D printer for detailed experimentation and evaluation. We’ll talk about our unboxing and setup experience in this post, while upcoming posts will focus on the 3000’s operation and software.    The BFB 3000 ships in a rather large 38kg box. It’s large for one obvious reason:… Continue reading Hands On With The BFB 3000: Unboxing and Setup

The 2Bot ModelMaker

It’s not exactly a 3D printer, but more of a 3D cutter. The 2Bot ModelMaker is intended for architects and students to print 3D representations of landscapes, layouts and terrain.   From what we see, it appears to be a 50lb computer controlled drill that traverses an inexpensive 12″ x 12″ x 2″ foam board,… Continue reading The 2Bot ModelMaker

Eat Your Face?

Easter is the time when many people eat massive quantities of chocolate, often in the shape of “bunnies”. But what about other representations? MIT researcher David Carr has developed this thought by creating a CNC-like machine that scans your face and carves it into a chunk of chocolate. A chocolate face-printer.    It seems rather… Continue reading Eat Your Face?

Junior Veloso Is Really Hi-Res

We’ve written about Junior Veloso’s fascinating experiment in constructing a homemade resin-based 3D printer, but he’s recently made significant progress in developing the quality of his 3D prints. Just take a look at the image above and we’re sure you’ll agree he’s on the right track. The left side is printed at an incredible “50… Continue reading Junior Veloso Is Really Hi-Res

3D Print Objects In Wood

Amazing? Yes. Inevitable? Probably. A huge step forward? Definitely! Of what do we speak? It’s Freedom of Creation’s latest successful venture into 3D printing using wood as the print material.    Their new “Tree-D Printing” process involves using actual sawdust as print material. Their process is powder-based (or in this case, “sawdust-based”, we suppose) in… Continue reading 3D Print Objects In Wood

Massive 3D Printer Unveiled

Is your measly 10x10x10cm build chamber too small for your big ideas? Perhaps you should consider acquiring a voxeljet VX4000, which has a build envelope of 400x200x100cm. Yes, that’s 4x2x1m or 13×6.5×3.3 feet! This item is so large it requires an installation area of 25x12x4.5m, or 14,500 sqft. Definitely not suitable for your office. At… Continue reading Massive 3D Printer Unveiled

A Look Inside the V-Flash

During our recent visit to 3D Systems we managed to get a look deep inside one of their intermediate-level 3D printers: the V-Flash. This device uses a unique method of deploying build material that results in the object being built upside down! Upside down or not, the printed results are of extremely high accuracy.  … Continue reading A Look Inside the V-Flash


We’ve been following the folks at Open3DP for a while now as they proceed through experiments in 3D Printing. Lately they’ve been working on perfecting printing molds that have revolutionized the production of RepRap Prusa Mendel 3D printer parts. However, we now see they’re working on an entirely new project: an inexpensive, presumably open-source powder-based… Continue reading AdderFab!

Lexus Invents New Form of 3D Printing

New Scientist reports on an innovative parts-making process invented by Lexus. It’s a kind of futuristic 3D Loom that essentially “weaves” parts together. The circular device pulls a series of carbon fibres into a desired shape and is capable of “weaving” highly complex parts much faster than traditional techniques. Curves, varying thicknesses and dimensions are… Continue reading Lexus Invents New Form of 3D Printing

Arcam Electron Beam Melting

We’re accustomed to examining home 3D printers or consumer 3D print services, but we’re also fascinated by the larger commercial species. An interesting 3D print approach is employed by Arcan, a Swedish manufacturer of Electron Beam Melting printers. Yes, they use “powerful electron beams” (up to 3000W) to melt metal powered to gradually form complete… Continue reading Arcam Electron Beam Melting

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The Platon 3D Printer

Secretly announced in a comment on one of our posts was the existence of a new commercial 3D printer offering from Danish company Create It Real. The Platon 3D Printer is apparently a plastic extruder, judging from the brief video. There is scant little information about this device, but it is supposed to be available… Continue reading The Platon 3D Printer

3D Food Printing on CNN

We’ve just been informed that CNN has a piece focused on 3D food printing. Reporter Laurie Segall interviews French Culinary Institute Chef David Arnold, who’s been experimenting with a Fab@Home printer, specially modified for printing food items. Not yet any food ingredients, but “any form of paste” as Arnold explains. Arnold says they’ve experimented with cake… Continue reading 3D Food Printing on CNN

i.Materialise Metalises

“Clank” is a sound you’ll be hearing more often at i.Materialise in the future after this week’s announcement of their new Titanium 3D printing process. No kidding – you can now order a Titanium Whistle!     This very advanced process seems unique to i.Materialise, and involves a powder based process. Powedered titanium metal is laid… Continue reading i.Materialise Metalises

Breaking: Solido Folds

Very disappointing news today: desktop 3D printer manufacturer Solido appears to have ceased operating. Reports indicate they’ve laid off their entire workforce (some thirty people) and are being liquidated by receivers.    Solido had a very unique approach that we’ve written about several times: ultra-thin plastic sheets were glued and cut to patterns, gradually developing… Continue reading Breaking: Solido Folds

3D Printing Featured On Science Friday

Science Friday’s Flora Lichtman visits 3D Printer designer Jim Smith and his extraordinary new device at his workshop. Erm, his living room. Now we finally understand why Jim decided to include a fume extractor on his printer!    Jim explains in basic terms what a 3D printer does and how it works, pointing out the… Continue reading 3D Printing Featured On Science Friday