Interview With An Organ Printer

We’ve written about Dr. Gabor Forgacs of the University of Missouri before because his work in developing techniques for 3D printing human organs is making

Open Source Laser Cutter

We were contacted by Bart Dring of, which provides a variety of resources for laser cutting tech. Bart says:    I thought you might

3D Systems Acquires A Service. Again

Not long after purchasing Bits From Bytes, 3D Systems has now acquired industrial rapid prototyping service QuickParts. Quickparts is a significant service that provides a

STL 2.0 / AMF Advances

The 1980’s era STL file format most commonly used for 3D printing has been quite successful, but it does have issues, some of which will

Laser Sintered Orthopedic Implants

Some of us require special orthopaedic implants to correct the scourge of “flat feet”, and as such they must be custom-made to fit each person’s

Tissue Engineered

While there have been several experiments attempting to achieve the almost unbelievable feat of printing actual human organs, there has been a breakthrough development by

BotMill Makes Some Moves

3D Printer kit manufacturer BotMill has been making some serious moves to expand their business in the past while. In a discussion with BotMill Chief

Everyone Can Be On Cloud9!

We’ve learned that AnarkikAngels has just released a new release of their easy-to-use haptic 3D modelling software, Cloud9 v2.1 – but this one has no

BfB Prints Clay!

Following up on last week’s amazing feat of printing mashed potatoes, the scientists at Bits From Bytes in Bristol have modified a RapMan 3D printer

Furniture Fair Contest at Shapeways

Shapeways is running an interesting contest in which the winners will be given a spot at the 23d annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New

Flexible PLA is Available!

Following up on our earlier post, we’ve located a supply shop that can provide actual flexible PLA. This is not the same material that Vik

Flexible PLA?

There’s a lot to like about 3D Printing in PLA plastic: it’s recyclable, made from totally organic material, prints with a very elegant sheen, it

ZCorp Ships 6,000th 3D Printer

We don’t know a lot about 3D printer manufacturer ZCorp’s financial results, as they are not publicly traded. But there is evidence they’re having as

MCOR Expands in Europe

MCOR, makers of the world’s only paper-based 3D printer, has just spread their wings across Europe by announcing relationships with two key equipment resellers. Germany-based

MakerBot Takes A Bath?

Most 3D printing companies and services experiment by introducing new products from time to time, and MakerBot is definitely one of the most experimental of

New Colors At Shapeways? Again?

Leading consumer 3D print service Shapeways has added Indigo and Dark Grey color options to their awkwardly named but highly descriptive “strong and flexible” plastic

3D Printed Shoes Nominated For Award

You might have seen those amazing 3D printed shoes produced by Materialise. Well, they’re so impressive they’ve been nominated for the Brit Insurance Design Award,

3D Printing Potatoes With The RapMan

The folks at Bits From Bytes are experimenting with Food Printing, which seems to be a growing area of interest for hungry 3D print operators.

Shapeways Gets Own 3D Printer

For some reason we thought Shapeways was a 3D print service. Well, it is – but now they *really* are because they now have their

Ten Year Old Speaks on 3D Printing

3D Printing always gets people excited whenever we mention it, and this excitement is all over. Consider the YouTube video of ten year old Schuyler

3D Modeling in Your Web Browser

Benjamin Nortier of London is our hero. Why? He’s taken on a huge challenge: create a 3D modelling program that everyone can use. He’s performed

MakerBot’s StepStruder Released

As long suspected and desired, MakerBot released a new extruder: The Stepstruder MK6. This has been sought after for some time by MakerBot fans as

See It Before You Download It

Content is king once you have a 3D printer. You need things to print, after all! But one of the main repositories for free printable

Molding a 3D Printer

The RepRap project attempts to design a printer that is capable of printing all the parts required to build another copy of itself. While they

The Zoybar 3D Printed Guitar

It seems there is growing interest in 3D printed musical instruments. After the amazing 3D printed flute  we now see another 3D printed guitar: The

Laser Engineered Net Shaping

Printing metal? There are several ways to do this, mostly involving mixing fine metal powder with a sticky medium, then firing it to fuse the

3D World Gets DMCA’d

This was totally inevitable. Earlier this week a new object posted to Thingiverse was widely discussed. It was a great object – apparently able to

3D Printer Resellers, Or Not?

In the battle for personal 3D printer supremacy, the leading manufacturers seem to have chosen different approaches to sales. MakerBot, 3D Systems, PP3DP, BotMill and

MCOR Nominated For Award

MCOR, manufacturers of the paper-based Matrix 300 3D Printer have been nominated for the Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG)/Irish Times technology company award. This will

CNN Reports on 3D Printing Human Skin

A report today in CNN describes the incredible work being done to assist injured soldiers. While many types of injuries occur overseas, one of the

Dam Building With a 3D Printer

Of course you can’t *actually* build a dam with a 3D printer. Not yet, anyway. But for now you can build rather nice models of

3D Buried Treasure

Seattle’s Matt Westervelt contacted us to explain a new initiative being undertaken by Metrix Create:Space. They’re concerned with the skills required to successfully perform powder-based

EOS’s PEEK Craniofacial Implants

Accidents happen and sometimes tragic victims require replacement of critical bone structures. These replacement body parts have been constructed with Titanium for strength and durability.

More Great Printable Buildings

One of the easiest items to 3D print are models of buildings. Their shapes are often straightforward for successful printing and yet quite recognizable. It’s

LiveCAD’s iPad 3D Modeler

We’re checking out new software from LiveCAD: Home Design 3D iPad. This sweet package lets you design an apartment or house floor by merely dragging,

FigurePrints Revisited

Quite some time ago we reported on a unique service: FigurePrints. It’s a totally niche 3D print service, but what’s the niche? They print custom

The Economist on 3D Printing

Is this the big time for 3D Printing? If it’s the cover story on The Economist, perhaps so.    The article describes the history and

Natural 3D Printing

Ponoko posted of a wonderful story about Sydney-based lighting company SandFlora’s experience designing a beautiful lamp. The interesting part was the inspiration: nature. In fact,

Lexus Invents New Form of 3D Printing

New Scientist reports on an innovative parts-making process invented by Lexus. It’s a kind of futuristic 3D Loom that essentially “weaves” parts together. The circular

3DTin’s Buzz

We heard the huge chatter across the 3D world recently about 3DTin, an impressive web-based 3D modelling tool. What? 3D modelling in a browser? Yes.

Wearable 3D Printed Plants

Some may wear a red rose in their lapel, but why not a green plant? The notion of wearing plants is a little strange, but

The Ultimate Scanner?

University of Southampton researchers have a new tool available: a high-energy 3D scanner. The design of this scanner is fascinating: it’s actually five different scanners

Name Your Price at Model Labs

We’ve found another 3D print service that should be added to the list. Model Labs, a Laguna Beach, California-based operation provides rapid prototyping services: they’ll

More On Copy Protecting Objects

Last week we wrote on how a Thingiverse user had submitted a set of pieces suitable for playing The Settlers of Catan game, and contemplated

Ultimaker Breaks the Speed Limit

One of the annoying things about 3D printing is the length of time it takes to produce objects. Unlike a printed 2D page, which is

Share That Model With OurBricks

You’ve cooked up an amazing 3D model and you’d like to show it off. . . to your mum who doesn’t have a 3D modelling

Essential Calibration

You’ve assembled your 3D printer after great effort and are anxiously awaiting your first printout. It will be amazing. It will shock everyone watching. Printing

The Different Flavors of Home 3D Printers

We’ve been reading a long thread on the MakerBot Operator’s Google Group initiated by Shawn M, who is considering purchasing a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer.

An Ode To Digital Fabrication

It’s not every day you’re contacted by a Finnish professor working for an American university in Doha, Qatar who explains that he’s written a poem

Copy Protecting Objects?

A piece by i.Materialise got us thinking about object copy protection. In their post, Joris Peels tells the tale of how a Thingiverse user posted

Self-Made Biodegradable Plastic?

We’re reading a post on LifeHacker talking about making your own biodegradable plastic. Evidently the recipe is straightforward:   Grab some milk or cream, and

Arcam Electron Beam Melting

We’re accustomed to examining home 3D printers or consumer 3D print services, but we’re also fascinated by the larger commercial species. An interesting 3D print


You’ve designed something ultracool for your 3D printer and want to sell it. But how? One way you might consider is getitmade, a site kicking

Color 3D Printing At Home

It’s possible to buy a color 3D printer, but they’re currently very expensive, such as those from ZCorp. Meanwhile, typical home 3D printers are monochrome,

The Platon 3D Printer

Secretly announced in a comment on one of our posts was the existence of a new commercial 3D printer offering from Danish company Create It

3D Print a Kindle!

Not exactly, but it’s surprisingly close to printing a Kindle. Maker Stergios Stergiou has designed a combination case and magnifier that blows up an iPhone

3D Printing Board Games

3D modeller Jeff Timothy is exploring the possibility of creating a new service focused on 3D printing board game pieces and equipment. This makes a

The Painted Terminator

The Herald of Anguish is a “non-profit project aiming to make a 3D-animated clip of an intense fight between a squad of Blood Angels Terminators

3D Food Printing on CNN

We’ve just been informed that CNN has a piece focused on 3D food printing. Reporter Laurie Segall interviews French Culinary Institute Chef David Arnold, who’s

Decades-Old Custom Guitar Scanned

Imagine designing amazingly intricate, one-of-a-kind electric guitar bodies years ago – and now wishing you could document your work while you still can.    Then

Replicating The Volcano

Students at Clevedon School in North Somerset made a volcano. A tiny one – based on NASA 3D data they downloaded and converted into a

3D Modelling Contract Work

You’re an experienced 3D modeller and have some time on your hands? Why not try doing some contract work for extra cash? One way to

Hands on With Cheetah3D

Many 3D modeling tools exist for Windows, but what about OS/X? We’ve been testing a very useful 3D modeling tool for OS/X: Cheetah3D. This software

i.Materialise Metalises

“Clank” is a sound you’ll be hearing more often at i.Materialise in the future after this week’s announcement of their new Titanium 3D printing process.

Scott Elliot Invents an Insert

Scott Elliot, owner of a very busy Solido SD300 plastic-sheet 3D printer has come up with yet another amazing design: shipping inserts to ensure safe

3Data Expert

Finnish software company DeskArtes has released version 9.1 of their 3Data Expert product, which is a professional tool for “repair, conversion and manipulation of 3D

Enter The Extreme Redesign Contest Now

Every year Dimension Printing sponsors a design contest for students, in which entrants try to redesign something they use every day in a unique way.

3D Printing In The News

This week saw not one, but two big media splashes for 3D Printing: First, a New York Times article introduced the topic to their readers,

Breaking: Solido Folds

Very disappointing news today: desktop 3D printer manufacturer Solido appears to have ceased operating. Reports indicate they’ve laid off their entire workforce (some thirty people)

Inventables – Materials for Inventors

We’re taking another look at maker material store Inventables, which we wrote about a year ago. At the Inventables hardware store, you won’t find very

Modular Desktop CNC Machine Needs Your Help

AJ Quick’s new Kickstarter project is an inexpensive but highly capable desktop CNC machine. The device was designed by University of Minnesota Mechanical Engineering students

2011: The Year of 3D Printing?

Richard of Capolight Electronics Projects examines the popularity of 3D printing over time and asks the question, “How popular will it be this time next

Amazing iPhone 3D Scanner

Shapeways has uncovered a really intriguing iOS app: Trimensional. This simple app uses a four-way flash to roughly capture the shape of a face or

Fab-Enabled Fiction: Books That Print

Guest writer Andrew Monti proposes a unique way to use 3D printing in the publishing industry: Fabbed items from books. The idea is to include

3D Printing Featured On Science Friday

Science Friday’s Flora Lichtman visits 3D Printer designer Jim Smith and his extraordinary new device at his workshop. Erm, his living room. Now we finally

Crossing the 3D Printer Chasm

Following up on this post speculating on 10,000 MakerBots in 2011, we’re thinking of what steps MakerBot (or any other 3D Printer company) might consider

How To Assemble A BotMill Glider

What? You say the BotMill Glider 3D printer is already assembled? That’s correct, it is. We mean how does BotMill assemble them, not you!   

3D Printing Timelines

TeamTeamUSA prepared two very cool timelines on Dipty, the site that lets you create, well, timelines! The first (pictured) is “2010: The Year in DIY

The BotMill Glider

A new printer has just been announced from BotMill: The Glider. This RepRap-inspired printer includes a slew of great features, but the one we like

10,000 MakerBots?

Joris Peels of i.Materialise guest-posted 11 provocative predictions for 3D printing on TechCrunch this week, and one of them caused us to ponder whether it

3D Printed Couture Shoes

Designer Marloes ten Bhömer is well-known for her unorthodox shoe designs, and now she’s apply 3D printing technology to her craft. Pictured above is her

Print A 3D Printer Today!

A surprising item showed up in Thingiverse the other day: an entire 3D printer! Thingiverse is one of the most widely used open source repositories

3D Print Wishes for 2011

We did it last year, so we must do it again this year. What would we wish to happen in 2011?    A capable and

3D Printing in 2010

A year ago we posted our “wishes for 2010“. Did any of them come true? Let’s take a look:   A consumer capable 3D printer:

Announcing Fabbaloo’s 3D Resources

When we started blogging about 3D printing more than three years ago things were a lot simpler. We tried to promote the technology by including

3D Printed Food Futures

We’ve been thinking some more about 3D printed food after yesterday’s post, and wondered what the future might look like if reasonably capable food printers

Printing Musical Instruments

Tipster Jb pointed us at a video of a rather startling project: Printing a complete musical instrument. In this case, MIT Media Lab researcher Amit


Charles Guan is the mastermind behind the experimental Make-A-Bot, a new 3D printer of (mostly) his own design. Based on a combination of MakerBot and

BBC Investigates 3D Printed Food

We’re reading a big report from BBC news where they investigated the incredible notion of 3D printing food. We’ve covered this before, and sure, it’s

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