CLAWZ Is Coming

CLAWZ is a fashion company using 3D printing to produce radical luxury press-on nails. We spoke with them to find out more. 

3D Printing Press Release Roundup

This week’s 3D printing press releases from the majors included a number of new products from 3D Systems. 3D Systems announced new flexible materials for

WonderLuk’s Curated 3D Designs

3D printers require 3D models in order to function, so it’s no surprise we see multiple startups hoping to supply great 3D models for printing. One of them is WonderLuk. 

Silver and 3D Printing: A New Source of Demand?

At the end of July, The Silver Institute released a report called The Outlook for New Electrical and Electronic Uses of Silver. Prepared by Metals Focus, it looks at three potential areas of growth for the white metal: flexible electronics, light-emitting diodes and interposers.

iMakr 3D Printer Store Takes a Big Step

The iMakr retail store in London was perhaps the very first independent 3D printer store designed specifically for personal 3D printing products. Now they’ve taken a step into a new world. 

uformit’s Adaptive 3D Print Service

We had a peek at format’s new technology in NYC earlier this year, but now everyone can make use of it as they’ve just launched their new 3D print site. 

The Asiga Pico 3D Printer

We’re starting to observe a collision between the lowering prices of commercial 3D print gear with the rising prices of increasingly more capable personal 3D

Personal 3D Printing In Gold

Can you 3D print in gold at home? Not exactly. But we have found an example of how you can use 3D printing technology to

Shapeways Teams with Neiman Marcus

Popular 3D print service Shapeways may become even more popular if a new relationship with Neiman Marcus plays out. They’ve teamed with the upscale US

Sculpteo’s New Materials

Last week Sculpteo announced the availability of two new materials for their 3D print service: Sterling Silver and Wax.   It’s an arms race between

New Ventures Focus on 3D Printing

We’ve seen multiple examples of companies starting up that make use of 3D printing for a specific purpose, be it artificial legs, figurines or automotive

The MakerBot Digitizer: Now Available

As expected, MakerBot released their newest product today: the MakerBot Digitizer. It’s an inexpensive turntable-based 3D scanner directed at consumers and professionals.    MakerBot has

A Visit to the iMakr 3D Printer Store
On our recent visit to the UK we happened to drop by the iMakr store, which is one of the very few, perhaps the only, true retail store focused entirely on 3D printing. It’s tagline is “The World’s largest 3D Printing Store”, and we think they could be right.
Polychemy’s Personalized Necklaces

Polychemy, a Singapore-based 3D print company now offers personalized 3D printed necklaces. The company, up to now, has offered a variety of 3D printed objects

eBay Launches 3D Printing App

eBay, known for its auction and sales system, stepped deeply into 3D printing by launching a 3D print iOS app. The app (and service) isn’t

Making It Real at OCAD U

Canada’s OCAD University is sponsoring a juried exhibition of digitally fabricated objects between May 14-28 during the Toronto International Jewelry Festival. Specifically they’re concerned with

Dyeing At Shapeways

While on our recent visit to Shapeways in Queen’s, NYC, we noticed vats of color dyes. Why color dyes? It’s all in the finishing.    

Polychemy Offers More 3D Prints

As interest in 3D printing grows, so does the requirement for amazing 3D prints. One interesting source is Polychemy, who market a collection of eclectic

Controversy At 3DLT

You may not have heard about 3DLT. It’s an online “innovation hub” that attempts to provide 3D creators a web presence for marketing their designs.

Questions About Skanect

Manctl’s new version of Skanect should permit easy 3D scanning by anyone with a Microsoft Kinect and a computer. However, we wondered about several aspects.

Metal 3D Printing Everywhere

In addition to the major plastic 3D printer manufacturers appearing at Euromold 2012, quite a few metal 3D printer manufacturers also exhibited. Metal printing might

There’s Only One One Just One

Some say that 3D printing is not useful for manufacturing due to the per unit cost of printing versus traditional mass manufacturing. That’s true, and

The B9Creator Creator Speaks

Core77 published a detailed interview with Michael Joyce (of Deadwood, South Dakota), the creator of the B9Creator.    The B9Creator was a hugely successful Kickstarter

The ShapeWright Experiment

Artist Dolf Veenvliet is experimenting with user-designed custom 3D printed metal jewelry. His new experimental site, ShapeWright, allows anyone to pick and shape components into

Hot Pop Factory

Two Toronto architects have used 3D printing technology to start a new business in their own home: designing and manufacturing jewelry. Matthew Compeau and Biying

One More Designer: Dizingof

After publishing Chris Waldo’s terrific “Showcase of Influential 3D Print Artists” the other week, we received a suggestion of another artist who might have been

Hands On With ReconstructMe

If you’ve ever been shopping for a 3D scanner, watch out for the price tag. Many commercial units providing high quality results and convenient features

The Brass at i.Materialise

They’re at it again. i.Materialise has now launched a trial of Brass 3D printing. Shortly after launching Bronze, we now see Brass on their materials

EOS Teams Up For Metal 3D Printing

3D printer manufacturer EOS has signed an agreement with Cookson Precious Metals to jointly develop a variety of applications related to metal 3D printing. According

3D Printed Fashion at Rapid 2012

While much of Rapid 2012 centered on manufacturing and part development and analysis, we observed a fair bit of fashion. Here’s what we saw.   

Don’t Bite the 3D Scanner!

We’re always seeking new ways to create or capture 3D models and now we’d like to tell you about an unusual form of 3D scanner:

A 3D Printed Heart

We were contacted by designer Mat Schwartz, who’s been experimenting with jewelry printing. Recently he made something unique for Valentine’s Day: a heart. He had

Rapidshape’s 3D Printers

Have you heard of Rapidshape’s line of 3D printers? The one year old German-based company markets several units that focus on jewelry development, as they

RAPID 3D Printed Clothing?

The annual RAPID additive manufacturing conference takes place this May in Atlanta and we’re expecting to see some interesting product announcements as usual.    However,

More 3D Printed Shoes

After jewelry, the most frequently 3D printed item of clothing seems to be shoes. Some of the designs we’ve seen up to now were totally

The Society for Printable Geography

There have been many attempts to print landscapes with 3D printers, but here’s a whole service dedicated to that pursuit: The Society for Printable Geography.

From iPad to Your Finger

The ubiquitous iPad is well known because the primary interface is, well, your finger. Sometimes more than one. Nevertheless, a new iPad app promises to

The Teeniest 3D Printer?

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have produced what they believe to be the world’s smallest 3D printer. This device is “about the size

StrataSys Goes Acquiring

It seems the big guys have their corporate acquisition shopping carts in motion recently. While 3D Systems was scooping up other companies last week, this

Natural 3D Printing

Ponoko posted of a wonderful story about Sydney-based lighting company SandFlora’s experience designing a beautiful lamp. The interesting part was the inspiration: nature. In fact,

3D Printing For Girls: An Idea

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know about the controversy regarding BfB’s attempt to address the younger female market. We pondered this situation: how to

3D Marvels

We ran across an unusual 3D model service: 3D Marvels. The site operates as a clearinghouse for 3D artist works. In other words, you can

Phil Renato’s Designs

Phil Renato is an Associate Professor at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but he’s also an amazing designer. We admire

3D Printing Saves NYC Jeweler

Crain’s New York Business reports on the fate of a New York City jewelery prototyping company, Tech-Designs, who produce one-of-a-kind jewelery models for designers far

FOC’s Jointed Jewels

Freedom of Creation, one of the most dynamic artistic users of 3D printing technology have recently collaborated with Alissia Melka-Teichroew to produce “Jointed Jewels”. These

The Columbus Idea Foundry

The Columbus Idea Foundry is one of many community workshops that keep popping up all over the globe. Their mission:   The “Idea Foundry” is

Five Things to 3D Print in 2050?

PrintCountry proposed “5 Ways Your Grandkids will Use 3D Printers in 2050” in a whimsical post recently. We thought about their list and came up

Impossible Shoes

Shoes were a hit at the recent Freedom of Creation Future of Fashion exhibition in Amsterdam. Designer student Pauline Van Dongen created several unique shoe

The .MGX Collection

Earlier this week we encountered iMaterialise’s .MGX collection at the Parallellepipeda Exhibition, and we wanted to learn more. iMaterialise, as we’ve written before, is one

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