StilNest Enlarges?

A 3D print retail operation intends on hiring quite a few new staff, suggesting they’ve been very successful. 

The Tiny PocketMaker 3D Printer

Need a 3D printer you can put in your pocket? Well, it may be slightly bigger than a pocket, but the PocketMaker is indeed very small. 

EnvisionTEC Unveils Continuous DLP 3D Printer

Once Carbon broke the Internet with its ultra-fast continuous liquid interface production (CLIP) technology in 2015, the race was on for other manufacturers of vat polymerization 3D printers to demonstrate their own rapid 3D printing processes. 

Lessons From The Demise of Solidoodle

This week former 3D printer manufacturer Solidoodle finally made it formal by announcing they’ve suspended operations permanently. While many could see this coming, what lessons can we gain from this event?

Another 3D Printing Use Case: Land Models

Along with prosthetics, prototypes, jewelry and other increasingly common usage scenarios for 3D printing is one that was discovered years ago but hasn’t seem to grow as much: land models.

WI3DP: Xiomara Lorenzo

Xiomara Lorenzo is a designer and artist who loves to do beautiful and meaningful work. Her take on the meaning of life as well as on personal growth serves as the inspiration for her line.

WI3DP: Natalia Krasnodebska

Natalia is an accomplished designer who discovered her passion for jewelry creation only after first leading herself to neuroscience studies. 

Solidscape’s Massive China Deal

Solidscape is well known as a maker of high-resolution 3D printing gear that’s focused on the jewelry market. Now they’ve struck a massive deal in China to expand.

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