Anarkik3D’s Mac Odyssey

Anarkik3D announced a Mac version of their popular 3D design tool, but why won’t other vendors do the same? 

Disney’s Compliant Mechanism System

Entertainment giant Disney has published an interesting study on a system they’ve developed to assist in the design of “compliant objects”, which could be very useful in 3D printing. 

StilNest Enlarges?

A 3D print retail operation intends on hiring quite a few new staff, suggesting they’ve been very successful. 

Xioneer’s X1 Has All The Calibrations!

At this stage of development, you might wonder what possible improvements could be done on a standard filament-based 3D printer. Tt turns out Xioneer has figured out several. 

EnvisionTEC Unveils Continuous DLP 3D Printer

Once Carbon broke the Internet with its ultra-fast continuous liquid interface production (CLIP) technology in 2015, the race was on for other manufacturers of vat polymerization 3D printers to demonstrate their own rapid 3D printing processes. 

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